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Sunday, 7 July 2019

expiration date. sadness

one day you woke up feeling lighter. this was different. this was hope. it made no sense and could not be denied. the following day it was gone. the light was shining and the birds were singing but all you saw and heard was dead again.

still what stood out for you now was the recollection of yesterday's hope. wanting another taste of that.

so you got out of bed a little earlier. you saw the slightest smile at the edges of your lips in the mirror. you were able to sing some morose song by the Cure in your head.

- Katya Mills, 2019

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Thursday, 13 June 2019

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          Daughter of Darkness

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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

like a poem will never be written

how does one describe the exhalation of breath the incomplete gesture the tangible space suddenly apparent?

there is a part of me died with you a fragment a trailing cry pulling at my hair wanting to lash out and break...

something to see the color of my blood as a way a way out to look for you

all this is like a poem that never will be written. to die to find you. to leave this alien place premature and come home. 

Sunday, 9 June 2019

my chemical free life minus coffee

two weeks back i saw a window and took it. gave up coffee. a storm system spread across my sky. i got sick but nothing compared to dope sick 7 years ago. just a mighty headache is all. now i start my mornings with triple leaf green tea and a smile. against all odds. i live and love my chemical free life. i can hold my head high again. i can look you in the eyes again. i worked so hard to get here. dear God, i am down on my knees...asking how can i be of maximum use? thank you for opening my eyes.

Sunday, 2 June 2019


reticent was the dawn ona summer morning. the birds chatted outlandishly at the edge of the river. all the people couldn't bother. full of coffee stepping on it, reaching speeds just shy of too fast for the highway.   -katya

still life '19

summer got diluted by the stained glass. some kids were playing chess in the soft light behind. a fish in a bowl swam in it. the heat lost its arrogance on the sill. The dog asleep and the cat, up high and still.  -katya


I picked a nectarine out from the fruit market. My spirits rose. I took a bite and looked up. I saw the outline of the moon in a blue sky and thanked God.  -Katya

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          Ame and the Tangy Energetic

          by Katya Mills


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Saturday, 13 April 2019

response to a letter

Uncle Ramon, dear man,

You describe the mood swings of our lives so well. Life wants me around now, I can hardly believe it. It's not so hard hanging on...the lows are not so low, but the work never seems to end. But it's good work. It's useful work using me. And I like it. Depression no longer has me in a stranglehold. I cannot be bullied into submission. I won the fight this time. But I know each new day is another round. K

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Author with Paperback

book review

Everlee & LeeEverlee & Lee by Katya Mills

I am the author of this title, Everlee & Lee, a dark tale revolving around a teenage boy and his sister trying to make sense of a family tragedy. Spirit life haunts the Queen Anne Victorian home in which they live. I use a rather formal (and unreal) type of dialogue on purpose. Temporal shifts accompany the telekinetic and telepathic powers of the characters. One other thing I will confide to you. I wrote this story out of the great and painful heartache I lived with, after my grandfather was essentially murdered by an awful gold digger of a woman he married. My family sued and got the money she stole from him back. Because she had the body cremated the day after his death, a case for murder was never made. Writing this story helped me find my own peace.

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book review

Girl Without BordersGirl Without Borders by Katya Mills

I am the author of this book. I wrote the greater portion of this book when I was in my twenties, living in Chicago on the west side (not far from where the Smashing Pumpkins got famous, and the movie High Fidelity was filmed). I used to go to the coffeeshops in Bucktown and the Polish Triangle with my laptop to write. This was late 1990s and you could get your ass kicked for writing on a laptop in public. It wasn't cool to be a geek. Writing from my protagonist Will's perspective was not difficult seeing as I am gender fluid myself. I was a pretty tough chick or I thought I was, rather angry at the world, introverted, rebellious in attitude and spirit. I hung around other punks and geeks I met in the bars, cafes and small clubs on Division and Damen, and in Wicker Park and the Ukrainian Village. All I wanted was to be left alone and write. I was in some existential pain, I suppose, lonely in my heart. So I gravitated toward others who felt injured or broken. I had more than one love/hate relationship, the characteristics of which you will find in the novel. You can call in creative nonfiction if not fiction. If you ever go to Chicago look up Quimby's bookstore and the Flat Iron Building. I wrote the greater portion of this book a stone throw away.

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journal #2019

i thought i had it but it went flickering off and on again like shoddy electricity or a super big storm. you can have something and then lose it. it's disturbing but it's true. so i glued it to the wall where i could keep my eyes on it. i posted it on the mirror, after the glue wore out and it dropped behind a stack of books and papers. i brushed my teeth to the sound of it, foaming at the mouth. one night it swam down the drain. i broke it out of the plumbing system, what a messy affair. i let it dry beside the jade tree, on the windowsill, hoping against hope it would never leave me again. but it fled underground, planting itself beneath the jade. i watered her faithfully, against the wishes of the jade, until the roots took it up and brought her back to me, a flower. i smiled. i picked her off and thread it into my hair. everyone commented how pretty we were, together. then, that spring, the wind carried her away... when i listen very close, i can still hear her calling, my voice, calling for me. that's when i know i must be alone. and write.
west sacramento. 2019 by katya

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

six years

six years ago today, i let go of self-defeating ways
i stopped getting high

you can be a better person
it's hard
just try

American Author Katya Mills

Friday, 18 January 2019


What a week was over polly wog. Why, we were only just begun when the rain, the rain gave way to sun!
author at home 2019

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Reading (ATE45)

Independent author Katya Mills reads from her new novel AME AND THE TANGY ENERGETIC. Available on AMAZON.COM now!