Friday 30 June 2023

free on planet oat milk

the story is not compelling. i zone out. grocery store in slippers. lagging behind you as you go on about independence day. i make a break behind the spray mist. aisle 15. stop to admire the gallery of cereal boxes. the creatures playful not shy. eighties music. sliding across floors waxed here on planet oat milk i am free  #katyamills

the deepest end

some lives go off 

the deepest end 

what if they did not sell the soul

it got absconded


Thursday 29 June 2023

#1 thought

12 thoughts
run round my head
i select the very best one 
wrap it carefully in the comics 
we already read
when the moment comes
i will bring it out into the sun
for the trusted special ones 
to uplift them if 
i can


the undivided

there was light enough

to bring the work to completion

the sun soon corralled

behind the fence

wasted was the fullness

hanging heavy off 

the vine

troubled were the thoughts 

arising in the mind

i gave them my undivided

until the sky was red

then with a wink 

sent them off

to bed



if you cannot question your thoughts the same way you question authority you will live under the influence of them and what a way to live


Wednesday 28 June 2023

July 10

the warmth we once had between us began to burn. talking to you felt dangerous like dodging thrown knives or jumping a live wire. i don't know where it all went wrong or maybe i do. i cannot answer the phone when you call. not because i don't want to. it's just not safe anymore.



they bound the hay with cord

stacked in cubes on golden fields

like newspapers espousing causes 

forming larger cubes on solid earth

fated for consumption


schizophrenia 1

the personality 

is disordered they told him at the clinic

take these pills

he filled the prescription

in a fortnight by god he was freed from 

the voices yet suddenly 




lost at sea

they was left 

tottering and damaged

lost at sea 

unseen by you

unknown to me


July 6

life is hard and i want it that way. 90 second bursts of punk music. with an urgency grind out these feelings like coffee beans turn to powder. to connect with you with the power of all we have been through


the galaxy within us

deep in the heart of the galaxy 

known as samsung

the metals of rare earth secrete into the bloodstream

accounting for the odd behavior transcribed 

in the last newspapers

on earth


Monday 26 June 2023

notes from a remote location

life on the outpost is cheerful. stop. we (I) wake to the chatter of birds promoting the new unification. stop. commerce. entertainment. food. family. all within 1 jurisdiction. stop. prime delivery (via latitude longitude). stop. even here we find we (I) must drag the happy ass outside


Saturday 24 June 2023

the one that got away

if the mind had its way
like a hungry perch i would take the hook
giving its thoughts some radio play
fighting and jumping 
reeled in 

today needs no rebellion
fins tattered lip scarred i swim the depths
the one that got away


Wednesday 21 June 2023

let them run

this house

speaks to me in code

of bubbled paint

settles into earth

taking on the stress 

so i won't have to

this is my home

cracks appear in the walls

let them run

i am thankful 

splash of milk 

in the tea


Tuesday 20 June 2023


my emotion 

a lonely cephalopod

reaching and grasping 

tossed against a sky made 

of salt water

turning inside out

blasting any blank page 

with ink


Monday 19 June 2023

1984 sketch

on holiday 
distant cheers from the parade 
they walk the paths radiating out from the park 
maples drop the generous leaves 
the youngest leaps to catch 
his sister follows far behind 
hands in pockets. listening to Psychedelic Furs 
disoriented by infatuation 
boy in shop class


Sunday 18 June 2023

migraine city

migraine city

you got into my head

two years earlier

you killed my friend

on the third day

quivering and wet with fever

like a flower facing the sun

i took charge and backed you into the lungs

come out and fight! Corona 

you got nothin 

on me



I did nothing until nothing became something
And then I did a lot of that


what you want won't help you much

what you want won't help you

any longer than the sweet brief season

in anticipation of getting it... 

getting it... having it upon getting it... 

until it no longer really interests you

because you already got it


Saturday 17 June 2023

sunny side up

from now on i cook my eggs sunny side up
the way i liked them when i was a kid
fought off corona for a fortnight and survived
grateful and making some changes
one order of life. bright with yolks unbroken
on a raft of impossible dream come true

match girl

at night i set my head ablaze

became a dangerous passionate thing
the world lit

a burnt end by dawn i toed the line at work
confused by forced and dreary duality
self-inflicted. for work today is life
and life is work. thank god
for the illumination


Friday 9 June 2023

make out session with life

we stopped scrolling

and streaming we put away our phones 

braved the weather 

stepped into our colors 

and made out well 

at the dance



the multi boundless medias 

the vitamins 


nothing could console

her sordid collection 

of heartbroken



Wednesday 7 June 2023


dressed down after the grand occasion i

made us a pot of midnight coffee we 

recollected the week from beginning to end 

the sun came back around 

and sent us to bed


Tuesday 6 June 2023

taraxacum erythrospermum

Dandelion was the name of the candy store in the town where I grew up. a tall man with a moustache used to keep shop with an anxious high whistle. he watched us kids by mirrors with hawk eyes. when they make you for a thief long enough, you want to prove them right. one day the whole gang flooded the store, eight of us, then took off like we done something wrong. we dropped our skateboards over the curb and rolled out. breaking apart like the seeds of a taraxacum erythrospermum blown by the wind.   #katyamills

Monday 5 June 2023


compassion was an antidote to the misgivings she had about the world


an age old scam

they wheel up to your car
one seated in the chair covered up by a blanket
the other pushing

while you dig into your purse for change
the invalid jumps up with a knife 
takes your breath and threatens 
your life


off the ave

they ditched the stolen bmw off this one road elbows the avenue the only witness the strawberry moon


take a chance on

summer nights

the heat was deep and sustained forcing 

rolling blackouts like a wave over the power grid

you filled the void by malt liquor and fits of patriarchal tyranny

we have no candles i lied

descending the back stairwell i would rather 

take a chance on 

the street


Thursday 1 June 2023

love 16

love cannot be careless 

or thoughtless without feeling

isolated. no. 

the ace of hearts plays off an entire deck

love has a litmus test

sanctified the moment

something given is received

both hearts must turn