Wednesday 31 July 2019

july 31, 2019

this morning i did my jumping jacks and boiled the coffee to mix with cream. this morning i called my dad, today is his birthday. my kittens are alarm clocks and get me early out of bed. i did the dishes and prepared a salad for later. i rang the tibetan bell and listened to my heartbeat. i called the love of my life for he is on the road again. i cannot count my blessings. i can sit here at my desk and beat up the old english language for a while. all what makes life at 46 worth living.


she swims alongside the current
she follows the sun into the sea
after many days of searching
they presumed her drowned

they knew nothing of the changes
or how she made it through

she may as well have died

she cuts through open water 
she moves the breath of life
she has come awakened
to meet the deepest sea

Tuesday 30 July 2019

por favor

please. do not become tired of life. work it hard and that's a lot. someone always gives up. let them. giving in makes not giving in stand out. what once was commonplace is super rare and meaningful. 

i love how you approach me

the talk died down and i cherished the absence of it, lay myself down and still beneath the windowsill. my eyes blurred out to the jazz and i felt you coming like long fingers rolling up the keys. my head fell dead to one side where I could see you and know of the utmost precision of your tender love and care.

Wednesday 24 July 2019



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Sunday 14 July 2019
















Sunday 7 July 2019

expiration date. sadness

one day you woke up feeling lighter. this was different. this was hope. it made no sense and could not be denied. the following day it was gone. the light was shining and the birds were singing but all you saw and heard was dead again.

still what stood out for you now was the recollection of yesterday's hope. wanting another taste of that.

so you got out of bed a little earlier. you saw the slightest smile at the edges of your lips in the mirror. you were able to sing some morose song by the Cure in your head.

- Katya Mills, 2019