Thursday 31 December 2020

ice cream cone

without words without art we 

would all fall asleep there 

can be no sunshine the ice 

cream falls off the cone     


Wednesday 30 December 2020

the entertainment

they filmed you in Croatia 

at a press conference outdoors

flapping your lips with 

your powerful friends 

red face big belly

then suddenly an earthquake 

put you ina spotlight

the unlikely entertainment

dancing like Elvis in 



Tuesday 29 December 2020


they can pinpoint a beetle
antennae drumming the earth
satellite imagery
immaculate coordinates
from space they alter the ecosystem
in cells driving home clueless
in mercedes they cannot locate
themselves in the body the breath
why cannot they see
with eyes?


Monday 28 December 2020


why try and escape
the life anymore? be a drop of water
inside this rainy day and
cycle through the 



my head tells me lies
warping me again. stillness. the house settles
through its cracks
nothing is flawless not a diamond
eyes cannot see
no careful patchwork coat of paint
spackle job can arrest
fractured we settle but i
never no i never no
i never


Saturday 26 December 2020

they was kind

they was quiet when i
expected noise and heat
my vertebrae rolled in with laundry
screwed down by the
street spine up like train tracks
over the sierras. i thanked god
they was kind. only heat the machine
my life dry spun the rain
came down in sheets


one twenties

under the lights
the supermodel shows well
then backstage draggin on 
Slims 120s 
lambasts the makeup girl 
for missing her
mole. you can conceal 
yourself and airbrush awhile
the spirit likes to watch
you exhale. it all goes up
in smoke 


Wednesday 23 December 2020


today god today 

may we have

the guts to tell

the truth


semisweet ending

when i die bury me pen in hand

typewriter for a stone. do not trust your sight

or touch the body scentless

cold and frightful in the ground

while my spirit seen there

wanderin the cemetery grounds leans

off a row whistling some

semisweet show tune


march of the mobile homes

when water boils down to air
relationships and typewriters
take dust my health i try
to care. the country the past
the future. depression a sensual affair
worlds in the saucepan
wander they will the march
of mobile homes. pessimism a paved
road beneath which all
life settles and i


Monday 21 December 2020

you cannot care too much

i got keyed up

tearful unable to speak

reflecting what you told me

had happened 

they called me overinvolved they

said i lost perspective

they wanted to pull the case

out from under me. i
fought back 2 show it only
makes me work harder
to help



938pm. the silence breaks
arise with words 
and the endless 

alive i am laughing
@ the past 
@ the future

the sky


Saturday 19 December 2020

Friday 18 December 2020

rockstar #1201

the city outside
they make
windmill inflections
metal-dipped harp strings 
a door off its hinges they
lean off the wall 
listening to it all
talking to self ina 
wistful way like a 
lost son’s 


Thursday 17 December 2020

rockstar #1200

a rockstar like they used

to be thin as rails

bad attitude

couch surfing or up all night

drinking smoking

never rest

wishing they were dead


pushed on the stage by

the manager hassled

by the label

rarely paid littered 

with dead



Wednesday 16 December 2020

pale and glow

the lake was calm  

took him in running 

diving forward and

down. the voices at his back 


gravity mollified

he turns to sand

shock of hair a sea 

creature reaching 

limbs pale and

glow they know 

never to be seen

above or 



Tuesday 15 December 2020

life after psych meds

gave you back 

what you lost you

wake up wanting to

face the world

though frightened

you live a little

life after psych meds you

feel yourself falling back 

you twitter like

a baby bird

lift your arms high

full with down now 



Monday 14 December 2020

leaving cali

the straight edge of coast

the icon of west meets

east the rush of gold 

lost its allure

big capital fled big 

government's reach

the fire and smoke 

income and sales tax 


with great nostalgia

for the beach


Sunday 13 December 2020


walking on shells they

by the sea was

hard not to break

them. easy to break

but not broken. finding

the words could not 

be spoken.  

held in the hand held

to the sky

colorful so many textures 

informed by

the sea


Saturday 12 December 2020

post bok choy intention

the goldfish eye the

watery vision bok 

choy carried up 

on chopsticks the

distance between us

the intention to do 

no harm


Friday 11 December 2020

good fortune

locked up

nowhere to go haunted

by memories they

discovered the story inside

desperate to be written

you could call it

good fortune


Thursday 10 December 2020



years of loneliness

adolescence was a fury 


suicidal self-hate

5150 hold


finally got your freedom on 

the road. cool oil base 

floods your system

liquid gold!


no longer 



Wednesday 9 December 2020


the sun rose and

hopelessness wisped

away. you once had it all i 

wonder where

you are


there's hope for you



Tuesday 8 December 2020

make reality


the world has beat you up

long and you let it

finally you scream 


lean into the mountain 

a seemingly impossible 

angle and move forward

for you make



Monday 7 December 2020

zoom 40

in the heart of the pandemic 

within six feet social distance of 

an asymptomatic friend you 

contracted death 


faced mortality and



you planned a great feast

of endless gratitude

table of forty 4

the holidays

by zoom 


Sunday 6 December 2020


come to the center 

find your common

ground let the stuff spin 


there will always be dynamics  

find your self

hold steady with 

flex balance your 

chex and



Saturday 5 December 2020


they told you your heart

gonna fail fucked up felt like 

blackmail. you wrenched cars 

with remington kept an eye 

on le mans built cobras to

strike. a half century later

doing donuts in a prototype

giving thanks like we may 

today for a true American 



Friday 4 December 2020

how you conduct your electricity

we gave you 

our eyes our ears our 


how one conducts

electricity may be the greatest variable

building local blocks 

of protein

you and your cause 

emaciated shouting lying gesturing


we move on. hopeful to solve 

global conflicts in 



Thursday 3 December 2020


 we woke up roaring and pawing and 


the incarnation of animal

crackers we washed 

down with milk 

before bed


Wednesday 2 December 2020

broadcasting hope

if you feel like running 

around the block 4 times

like a dope

broadcasting your 2021 aura 

of hope then 


you are you

don't ever let

the world 




Tuesday 1 December 2020

flying saucers

eyes wide like

flying saucers

we don't know 

how it's gonna