Saturday 30 November 2013

5 k 10 blessed

I got 50,000 words on paper
I felt nothing for a while
Then i felt OK
Soon OK felt really good
And really good
Got even better

Then I did not know
What the heck to do with myself?
Then I climbed a mountain
With some friends

Walking the ridge line
With a full circle view
Then summiting under the sun
Brought it all home

I wrote 50,000 words
What a blessing.

(You can read my poem
about my national novel,
50,000 words under the sea

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Support looks like

Hi. If you have enjoyed my writings over the days, months, years and would like to support me, here is how you can.

I am grateful for you who support me just by reading my work. This is all I could ask of anyone and I am deeply touched by this alone.

If you choose to react, comment, critique, and share your impressions, this I'd always welcome and encouraged.

If you can or wish to do more for me, it would be this... please go to the top of this blog and locate the link to my publications on Amazon. Or go to Amazon and type my name in the search field.

Then consider reading my ebooks (or paperback) and writing me a review. They don't cost much and sometimes are on sale.

I now have 6 reviews total since I self -published, and every one has been 4-5 stars out of 5.

Now I have never published before sep'13. And I have always given my hard work away, sharing freely,  asking nothing in return, like we do.

Most important to me now is not the money, but rather to build a reputation. Sharing my posts on social media with your people is most helpful.

And reading and reviewing my publications puts you in with my angels. Thank you so much for your support!

Monday 18 November 2013

Boy and girl, Unified

I broke the 25,000 word barrier.
You can read about my process,
on In Filament, #5 .

I am thinking about how the
community of poets, writers,
artists, readers, and wonderful
representatives of the human
race, well, you all pull me up
'in filaments'. So thank you.
I get thrown into the fire of my
creative, internal. Tossed up
against that fence.
Then I bounce back with a
madness so sweet.
The catharsis kicks in, and
lays down at my feet.

Here now, is an excerpt from
my nano nano. I hope you
read it, feel it, like it, hate it.
Cause that's what it did to me
and that's okay. The feelings
keep me going, when they're
not shutting me down.
Katya Webber Mills

Excerpt (in the 24,000+ range)
aka the flauna and flora floating
on the surface of my new moon

National Novel November

"Could only put up with a boy for so long, especially since he was gettin’ some. Boys wanna start acting like they own a girl, usually because there scared of losing her. Then you try calming them down about it and relax, and they start thinkin’ you’re hiding something. All the insecurities arise, and then what was a pure oxytocin play becomes a big downer of hurt feelings, jealousies, physical abuse and emotional blackmail. Any girl knew the warning signs. Only some could pull out of a tailspin relationship in time. Attachment was a bitch.
But anyway, I began to feel something for the boy was keeping me happy-like. So before and after our unified moments, I would listen with some trepidation; only to see how he was recklessly  gunning toward an opportunity to get shot or locked up. Cause black had him not only breaking the law, but then some. "

Sunday 17 November 2013

A goodreads review!

My book, reviewed:

Check out @BYToropov's Tweet:

Also. I Just surpassed 22,000 words on the #nanowrimo today. Stood Alive!

Friday 15 November 2013


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Wednesday 13 November 2013

I have realized the sum of 17,324 words since November 1st. 
National Novel Month

Much of it is draft, so I am being careful not to post
anything whimsical in nature, or otherwise unworthy of offering
up to the pantheon...


"The sun was drawing its blood into the sky. Which immediately turned orange, I cannot tell you why. Then the colors filtered from yellow and pink, and left the light rinsed out clean. Where the sky was the sink."

You may find writing 'process' notes
on my other blog @ K IS SILENT

You may also find my dark fantasy 
short ebook for free until midnight @ EVERLEE & LEE

K and cats by K 11-12-13

Sunday 10 November 2013

Faith alone

Sola fide
Is all I have
to make it through
The night

Bona fide
I gave the lead
Then vanished
Out of sight

Mala fide
Unwelcome here
Extinguished all
The light

Faith alone
Hands clasped
In prayer

who knows what
who knows where

Sola fide
Is all I got
The steady beat
My broken heart

Saturday 9 November 2013

The Liebster Award - Q/A

"The Liebster Blog Award is a way for bloggers to highlight Blog's and Bloggers that have small followings but deserve acknowledgement for their hard work, excellence and contribution to the world of Blogging."

Thank You

Thank you Rea De Miranda for this award. A really nice way for bloggers to get to know one another and show appreciation for one another's work by sharing it with a greater potential audience. I am truly honored. Here is a link to Rea De Miranda's blog, please take a look before you go any further, if you will...

Here are the nomination rules:
1. List eleven random facts about yourself.
2. Nominate eleven bloggers for the Liebster Blog Award.
3. Notify the bloggers.
4. Ask eleven questions the bloggers must answer upon receiving the award.
5. Answer the eleven questions you were asked when you were nominated.
6. Link back to the person who nominated you.

Random Facts

One and Two
I am a second child, and a 'Daughter of the American Revolution' (by blood, not society). I am an Aquarius, and was born the same day the last American helicopter took off from the US Embassy in Vietnam in 1973.

Three & Four 
My favorite colors are royal blue and kelly green. My #s on the enneagram (a personality indicator) are #4 and #9. This means I am naturally a creative type, although easily overwhelmed by choices. 

Five and Six
I am bisexual. I have been in numerous relationships with either men or women over the course of my life, but the only person I seem to be able to live with (or is able to live with me) is myself. I was never okay with being alone, but I am decidedly okay with it now!

Seven & 8
I have lived in many places: Wellesley, MA (where Sylvia Plath went to high school). Cambridge, MA (home of MIT and Harvard)Tuftonboro, NH (where Soong May-ling aka Madame Chiang Kai-Shek once resided), Chicago, IL, St. Petersburg, FL (where Jack Kerouac lived and died), Martinez, CA (where John Muir once resided), Oakland, CA (where the Black Panthers were established), and San Francisco. 

Nine and Ten
I do Tarot card Readings for anyone that asks. I have a tattoo of a kanji (Japanese character based on the Chinese language) on my arm, meaning 'dream' -- and I do believe that with great and persevering effort, dreams do come true. 

Eleven is one of my favorite and lucky numbers. 

Rea's Q &A

1.    If reincarnation is true who do you think you were in a previous life?
I think I was someone who lived in St. Petersburg in Russia. Because though I have never lived there, I feel a strong affinity for this city. At times obsessed with its history, the last tsar, and Rasputin.

2.   What do you fear most about life?
Sometimes I fear (in a paranoid fashion) that it will end suddenly. Which to me is certain proof that I love and appreciate my life, no matter how horrible my suffering at times.

3.   If you could change your name what would it be and why?
I would not change my name, even if I could! (staying to the letter of the question, mind you!)

4.   One secret about you nobody knows.
Somebody would know this secret, if I told. So the question is impossible to answer! 

5.   If you could go back in time to change the course of life where would you go?
I would go back to Chicago, where I hurt someone I truly loved and whom truly loved me. I would not want to lose her, but more importantly I would no want to hurt her the way I did and have always regretted. 

6.   Have you ever wanted to be the opposite sex for one day and what would you do if you could?
Yes. Rule the world for a day. Because men still rule the world. 

7.  Do you prefer water (ocean and lakes) or mountains?
I prefer water. I love to waterski and ice skate. And sailing is nice, also. I am also a 'water-bearer', which believe it or not is an 'air sign'. Hahaha! This is true. Aquarius .

8.  Have you ever stolen something and what was it?
I have stolen hearts. But is it really stealing, if they gave them to me?

9.  Would you tell a lie to pacify someone?
Absolutely not! Now we all do things impulsively, and many of us learn to lie so to pacify our parents. So this is not always a choice, telling a lie to pacify. But in situations where I see a choice and choose, I always choose to tell the truth. Because come on! Lies are not pacific by nature! 
10.  What makes you angry?
People who lie to my face, to get what they want. People who say nothing, to get what they want. Corporate Greed. Non-profit greed. Holier-than-thous. Sociopaths. Egomaniacs. Succubi. People who perpetrate violence of any kind on any sentient being. Unconscious drones. Bores. 

11.  One word you think describes you.


Viva Nova @
Stephanie @
Dean @
Brenda @
Sonia @
Karen @
Arthur @

Questions 4 you:

What's your least favorite thing about blogging?
What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Any thoughts about feelings?
Why did you decide to blog?
Any feelings about thoughts?
What is your favorite ritual?
Your least favorite ritual?
What sign are you, does it mean anything?
Has blogging enriched your life? How?
If you had to go to Mars, who would you go with?
What can you do to treat yourself, 4 doing this?

Thursday 7 November 2013

EVERLEE AND LEE (my ebook and dark fantasy) just got a wonderful review
by the Literary Syndicate, check it out!

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Excerpt # 3

National Novel Writing Month
6834 words. Day #4

"No more! I pulled it all back and fell back into the plush of the foam behind the vinyl covering the booth. I couldn’t take no more. I could only look at him from behind my tears and how it all had hit me, and who he was and what he had been through, so terrible, so bad. And how finally for once in my life there was someone who I never would have any question, got my back. So certain on point here - this crazy man in this crazy world, was the eye of the hurricane where I might finally relax and just be. Be my crazy self in the insanity of it all. And so it was."

K by K 2012. Richmond CA

skating - a poem

Monday 4 November 2013

Excerpt #2. National Novel Month.

The work is going well. My word counts are a bit off, but the quality is more important than the quantity. I am writing a parallel piece every day about my 'process' of writing a novel this month, and those thoughts can be found @ K IS SILENT. My entries here all month, will be strictly excerpts of the actual novel I am attempting to write. I realize that excerpt #1 had all sorts of profanity in it, and so today's excerpt will be profanity-free. Enjoy!

K 'nanowrimo' 2013

"HE took me to a broken old tool shack in the heart of East Oakland, California. If you call it a heart. The beating center of clandestine criminal activity, pumping its black blood of underground decentralized mercenary trade out across the land. Stifling good-naturedness and choking civility and perpetrating chaos in any way possible, by any means necessary. A real triumph of the black market. A real home for the underground. A real perversion of faith. A real viral sickness of sociopathy and anti-establishment terror, murder and hidden power, blackmail and deception, betrayal and violence. "

Saturday 2 November 2013

Excerpt (national novel) #1

Here's maybe my favorite paragraph I wrote, day #1...

"I really would have laughed, I would have. Problem was, I had no fucking clue where I was. No fucking clue whose piece of shit dirty-ass van I was sitting in. No fucking clue why my head hurt, how I got here under the neon light pissing down and the smell of piss all around. No fucking clue about anything, except that my life was clearly derailed and the fear was rooted in the base of my spine and branching out like a tree in flash fast forward photosynthesized heroics. I began to lose my breath and could not catch it. The air felt frozen against my face, and my eyesight suddenly became so sharp I could read the street sign a hundred yards up the hill leading on to the highway. It said Santa Clara Avenue. I said it in my head."

K by K, day 2 nanowrimo!

Friday 1 November 2013

4 Montoya (response)

May the moon wax away, any tears in your eyes. While the sun melts the wax of the moon, as time flies.