Monday 30 November 2020

fallen star

canceled by culture you
made it all
the money the fame
a star B4 you
opened your mouth
alphabet cereal
now watch
your star


Sunday 29 November 2020

cold night heart

the mercury she dropped 

so low my heart 

almost stopped you 

came my way

turned night into 

day we

took the world on



Saturday 28 November 2020

dc still life

on the banks a slow 

and colorful death a

river of legislation

passage of paper

finality of leaves 

opposite sides of

the aisle came to 


above roots 

beneath trees


Friday 27 November 2020

thatz fire

down by the delta the sky

opens up with the land

on a couple hours sleep we hit 

walmart. unimpressed in a world

of slippers pumpkin 

pie and receipts

night fell over the lot

the wind shook us down i

looked in your eyes they

were laughing like fire

i saw an angel on a tire swing

just kids in the yard

on the wing


inspired by my friend Karen W.


If your reading list includes favorites such as...

Girl, Interrupted
Naked Lunch
Flesh and Blood
Basketball Diaries
Angela's Ashes

you might like

Sarah Berry-O'Cain rated a book 

really liked it
Trouble '99 by Katya Mills
Trouble '99
by Katya Mills (Goodreads Author)

Wednesday 25 November 2020

nobody get hurt

"Dani had a way of defusing Fleck, like taking the wick out of a bomb, and he became more like a bowling ball rolling along. He might still knock you over but nobody got hurt." #katyamills #wip

Tuesday 24 November 2020


the story is taking shape finally after the last five months of writing and editing and struggling to understand which direction to go. trying to unravel and get some ground underneath this...i met a guy who is sitting on manuscripts he wrote years ago. i told him he might want to consider self-publishing. it can be a joyful experience.  #katyamills

Monday 23 November 2020


heart beating she tore a 

corner off a page

wrote down her number

for the one with the glitter on 

her cheek who blushed

tucked it into her 

back pocket lined

by red fabric


Sunday 22 November 2020

foster kitty

free to roam another

home. dear foster kitty

look so sweet on 

all four paws no worry 

soon we leave the earth 

for mars 


Saturday 21 November 2020


inside the dream the

dreamer searched for coffee

for creamer


Thursday 19 November 2020


i was only 11 in 1984 we 
found freedom from our families
in graveyards at night trying tricks on 
our boards without wheels then
down the hill the days in town on wheels
the SMITHS blaring the radiant
sun out of the sky


Wednesday 18 November 2020

the day social media died

cat out mousing 

to sharpen his claws i

 stuck inside dredging 

the twitter feed like some 

weary curator 

in a third rate watered

down shop of intrigue 

and horror


Tuesday 17 November 2020

give thanks

 you had a day off you

worked so much these days 

free time was an anomaly

pressure came from somewhere

inside you. say a prayer

walk outside

let the day come 

to you


Monday 16 November 2020


sunshine bleached the world

in half. i gave you the prism and we 

made colors of black 

of white mas fina the



Sunday 15 November 2020

up nor in

push me in mud wash

me in sand peck my nail beds

until they fissure steal 

my thoughts  pull my hair 

for the nest button up

my feelings


will i never 

give up nor 



Saturday 14 November 2020

the week washed away
with the rain. gone 
after sleep we lumbered round the house 
catching up with ourselves you 
and i. rolled before dawn
for a bird. blasted the heat.
tired of covid and politics tired
from work. such was life


Friday 13 November 2020

wax cy

am. friday 

cold walk to the corner

heat of coffee in 

my hands


out to u

with love

Thursday 12 November 2020


your skin turns to paper as you push your point

across before my polar eyes. over 

six feet socially distanced you yet miles

away in this 2020 



Wednesday 11 November 2020

murder hornet spelling bee

my friend was labeled can

no longer fly the sky free they

put a target on his back the

sweetest bird i know! my friend the 

only uproar he ever caused back 

in elementary when he took on 

the bumbles and won the

spelling bee 


Tuesday 10 November 2020


a great pond formed at the point 

there where they gathered for tales

had been told. all had gone quiet 

the fireflies formulating a slow beat of light

the pond dried up all its ink seeped into 

the paper earth. another word another 

world would never be  


Monday 9 November 2020


winter morning. the stillness the quiet

we achieve inside these walls 

maybe a miracle. the earth circles 

the sun! we are all flying 

through space!


Sunday 8 November 2020

holding on

prints in the snow

breath frozen on a pane

of glass was as close as we

got all winter

i loved you even more i

clung like an icicle

to the photograph. your

words like a child drawn

on the back


Saturday 7 November 2020


california. 4am
coffee rims the paper

six months searching
the sky headlights found rain

i turned down the radio
march of death by tally i
raised the windows 2 inhale
the breath of life


Friday 6 November 2020

claim 2 fame

he was a sad boy she
was a bad girl only one
on earth 
could draw a 
smile upon his 


Wednesday 4 November 2020

a chance

waking up 

useful and alive and awake

with a chance. come what may

every american

oughta be given this



who u

 all you gotta do is keep doing

what you do 

becomes who 

you are    


Monday 2 November 2020

thoughts post publication

i got some distance and six months later went back to reread the latest book i wrote. TROUBLE’99. i read the first half on friday and the second half on sunday. i don’t think i would have changed much. i was really happy about the first half. the character development and the plot and the struggle and the setting were all crystal clear. dialogue was good. no typos or obvious grammatical issues. in the second half you saw an intensification of the problems my characters faced, both internal and external pressures mounting: socioeconomic hardships leading to sacrifice of values, addiction, conflict, suffering. a reader hoping for them to see a way out of their dilemma will be disappointed. they struggled to make enough money busking and selling weed to get off the streets. for them this was a great success. Kay freed herself from an unhealthy relationship with Aden. the hardships they all faced together clearly strengthened their friendships. 

yes i allowed for a little light to enter the story, but mostly they marinate in their problems. i admit as a stand alone TROUBLE’99 fails. this book is intended to be the first in a series, so there will be a sequel.

my point in writing these somewhat dark tales of hard reality these past several years is to highlight very real social injustices. to give names and faces and make these people real. it’s so easy to walk down any city street in America and ignore a large segment of our population. to recoil and turn away from those faced with addiction and homelessness and great depths of mental illness and trauma. i know many readers read books to escape reality and go somewhere that fills the heart with joy. my books may not always offer that kind of escape. they may take you somewhere you never wanted to go. but if you are looking for an adventure of a different kind, if you are hoping to have your heart stirred with understanding if not compassion for the downtrodden and alienated among us, my work may interest you after all. #katyamills

Sunday 1 November 2020


he looked up from the sunday times

blew a burst of nicotine and cadmium

into the light and said

see? democracy