Sunday 31 October 2021

betrayal of darkness

i am juxtaposed

they look at me funny 

i am bleached they are normal 

in some abnormal


i dive into the earth

so i can grow only

they shoot me down


i am a goner


by some betrayal 

of darkness i rise 

teeth first to speak 

my heart



show on the road

cat of nine tails
punctuate the mountain trails 
squash and apple and potato 
farmers bag up crops 
for sale

skunk raises his back
to the gentle chocolate lab
thickened by sugar in the depths 
of the sierras

playing notes of caramel we are
the entertainment. can you spare a twenty? 
we gotta keep this good thing
going   #katyamills

Friday 29 October 2021


lost in my kid's alphabet cereal
making words of letters disheartened
by monotony and repetition i stepped out
for a walk i chanced to look skyward
the patterns like arrows! tips of wings!
tickling the underbelly of clouds!
no time to say goodbye i flew south


Thursday 28 October 2021


i made up one eye 

soft and black with powder

your fist would 

have been too



Wednesday 27 October 2021


i saw you disturbed you 

were crying

may i help you?

there are ways 

one may protect ones 



Tuesday 26 October 2021

30 watts

30 watt lightbulb 

splashed across these

walls like lemon 

lemme see your face

up from these pages why

do you cry? they cannot hurt

you. lemme read you

these damn classics 

until we fall  asleep


Monday 25 October 2021

tune in.out

they got so busy mixing

and splicing ambient sounds 

with hacked lyrics

they could not hear the multi

media metaverse

calling. the rain drumming

thumb wheels thumbin 

what a day to be def


Sunday 24 October 2021

a thousand one liners

they was not asked around 

folks bein focused on the arts and crafts 

of survival they was not missed 

a thousand one liners later one young gun 

she lit a candle and prayed for them 

with implicit permission by god they

took a holiday from the street 

to tweet


Saturday 23 October 2021


you could not see his eyes

body lashed by the belt in the back 

headphones and hair mopping 

the face drownin them out 

rain checked windshield 

of pathological indifference

he was accused

soundscapes caressing his soul

driving his imagination 

wild he was innocent he was



Friday 22 October 2021

peace is lost

we imagined

the offshore oil platforms 
invading warships 
here @ the meeting
of land and sea

how quickly peace
is lost


Thursday 21 October 2021

autumn in the graveyard

the grounds overtaken with fallen leaves
it's less how we look that concerns me 
so much as can we survive?
you understand... 
let us give another candle
the best light for the dearly departed
may we always do what we can
to see them in it


Wednesday 20 October 2021


barely time to daydream

like usual when you edged 

into my office out of sorts 

to betray logic and reason

the strangest thing

it was like someone was 

there... my blood raced 

to believe our dearest comrade

she returned! 


Tuesday 19 October 2021


i remember

the day we stopped traffic

you and me in a daze in the street  

bystanders asking did we need

help? metal glass plastic call 911

there's been a collision! lovestruck

it was the best accident

i ever had 


Monday 18 October 2021

5 to 25

what a world 

where @ 5 years old you are mostly 

brilliant and when you hit 25

you know exactly 



Sunday 17 October 2021

notes 24 october

with hope upon wakening

believin the work to be done 

i open my manuscript

and like the washer the dryer you

spill out on the floor at my feet

such is life

replete and resplendent

we sharpen our blades

and fall on them


Saturday 16 October 2021

kick no. forty and one

sometimes life demanded a kick in the teeth

anything to see you 

smile  #katyamills

Friday 15 October 2021

they worked with chemicals 

and film 

swallowed several shots 

before work toward


extrication of light

from darkness


hopelessly devoted to

the process


Thursday 14 October 2021

turn on

when all's quiet 

in my home 

the great amplitude 

of raw energy

like a switch

turns me



Wednesday 13 October 2021

all you got

they beat the mean streets 

and hard luck faces 

by a big heart a 

penchant for laughter a 

stomach for failure 

ana means for makin 

easy cash and friends

ina forsaken land 


Tuesday 12 October 2021

katya to stardusk

dear Stardusk,

these jobs on the old earth

(aft of second sun) they really 

suck your soul thanks 4 

the AI flowers what a surprise

i hope you felt the emoticons

i charged  

orbiting you always 


Monday 11 October 2021

beholden to the wind

you slammed my bedroom door 

all throughout the night

howled into my ears forced me 

out of bed you blew away 

my style. beholden to the wind 

i am. when they see me 

all shall run  #katyamills

Sunday 10 October 2021


in the reprieve of summer
we gathered like birds in the park
for a cause

i donated books to the library
a man with manufactured legs
walked his dog

the trees dying of thirst

in this land
we cannot live without
our causes
a great many flock behind 
the ones who stand
in front


Saturday 9 October 2021


i lost my voice
miles from shore i
had no choice

the old rage and confusion 
the sadness yes i took the bait
jitterbugs 9 hooks
tore my belly up

i ran the line out to 
its end i clean broke that red devil
flash! in the air

you ain't never gonna
catch me 


Friday 8 October 2021

hungry tummy

we were kids we 

could not see behind our

backs. you headed 4 the duck pond

brought back dinner 

4 the hungry 



Thursday 7 October 2021


seaworthy to be
we wore layers upon layers
thick wool caps to be 
landworthy laced our boots tight
to be worthy to be 
we wore our hearts out 
unfurled them off a post
gave them to all 
the elements 
our adversaries 
did not stand 
a chance


Wednesday 6 October 2021

i died 4 music

cuttin and pinning wires
while you carve squares 
into the cabinet

the blade breaks clean
under your power
my lips in stereo thanking you

a star thrown
strikes me in the

i died
4 the love of


nail polish

my nails grow so fast

they will push you out of bed

they said. you won't even recognize me 

this november unless you feel



Monday 4 October 2021

Hollywood Hills

two lane highway
snake in the forest
take us to the sea

take us to Hollywood
to family with blessings
take us 2 the top of the world
to share a smoke
against sorrows

memories of screenplays
of travels
Egyptian swindlers and
the red-haired boy
the love of winsome
LA sunsets


Sunday 3 October 2021

various shades of green

5 days i polished the temple
with soap water a bristle brush on hands and knees bucket and rag liquefying greens ina blender i could go on like this forever without meat fish dairy sugar bread. painting the walls various shades of green dear god not without coffee


Saturday 2 October 2021

San Luis Obispo

SLO @ dusk
empathy yawns
into the void 
welcome to seasoned vindaloo 
with lamb
apparitions of Zebras
trotted out on our fields
of vision
castle in the clouds
San Simeon
the crimson the society
cool nights and clover
surveying pumpkin farms


Friday 1 October 2021

channel islands

accompanied by gulls
by Santa Barbaras willet 
long-billed fletcher
elegant terns and reddish egret we
shared coffee and song stared
into the morning light