Sunday 31 December 2023

tea nye green

i spiked the sugars
in my #blood 
revisited the past 
crushed on strangers 
with a tall green iced tea 
this day the last 
of the year 
in a local 


Saturday 30 December 2023


she woke with body and headaches. depravity was not the cause. a heavy rain. and nothing a strong cup of coffee could not eradicate.   #katyamills

Friday 29 December 2023


strident you wanted me to know how it was to live through the hardest times. i wanted to listen i want to know but can you slow down please you are scaring the cats 


Thursday 28 December 2023

the green bridge

there was a man who appeared to reside on the green bridge these past several months. often seated, his back against a bolted cross, facing southwest toward the confluence of rivers. with drink and belongings in packs. for months now any time i passed we signaled. yesterday (on my approach) i became excited to wish him well for the new year but he was gone. i looked down through the gaps in the rail. the waters swollen brown with mud and runoff from the hills. and wished him well regardless.  #katyamills

Wednesday 27 December 2023

December. Central Valley, California

December. Central Valley, California. I have a need that defies reason that beckons like these fields we cross at eighty miles an hour in the afternoon, dug into channels of upturned soil, the rows of planted seeds as far as the eye sees, to get lost and make meaning in these worlds of words.   #katyamills

Tuesday 26 December 2023

23,000 steps

we are inside a pyramid, light show on the wall. a solo horn feels its way into our hearts. the kids all look spaced. we are in our hotel room on the 15th floor and i slide the curtains open. sky meets mountain in a ragged line becoming more defined. pulled up to perpendiculars by the various hotels. the Westin, MGM Grand, the Hilton, the Platinum. our time here is ending after 23,000 steps. what will 2024 be like? i promise to be the same. someone who you can rely on.  #katyamills

Monday 25 December 2023

you can!

to all creators out there. the word cannot exits the vocabulary today. no one else knows the world the way you do. get into your work. go deep. heart and soul. blood sweat and tears. then when your intuition tells you it's ready, publish it. you can!   #katyamills

Sunday 24 December 2023

Vegas = love

a planet hit the ground just off the Strip this morning and still spinning. we are gambling within moderation and - go figure - not winning. made a friend from Miami who swears they won't go back to Florida. i get it. kids in euphoria circle the tired parents. we wait for the shift change outside the AMPM at the cross of Flamingo and Formula 1. need coffee making love and the sun. a woman from Indiana with her daughter celebrating turning twenty-one.   #katyamills

mishmash mishmash

open country Nevada

sunrise to sunset yesterday just driving with you by my side

can we sort the static the convoluted mishmash?

get back to simplicity of deserts

mountain ranges and sweet old songs 

rolling off our happy tongues


Friday 22 December 2023

hitherto working a solid 40 for 51 straight weeks they received the annual holiday bonus with gratitude and headed to the mountains to close out a great year.     #katyamills

Thursday 21 December 2023


the kitsch flaunting of pride coupled with power, privilege and lies, hit the wall when constitutional law, unassailable, invoked the fourteenth amendment.    #katyamills

Wednesday 20 December 2023


 in those years

we fought in earnest

for right and wrong

we hated to think 

the one we loved

could betray us

it was not them it was

our thoughts



you can be writing a story that will resound with millions some day yet be completely alone in the telling. the two may be tantamount. coexisting.


Tuesday 19 December 2023


while out exploring we covered every square inch and you said it's over let's go home there's nothing left to see. hungry and starved i fell down on my knees and went within and there i found a million miles more.  #katyamills

Sunday 17 December 2023


she wanted answers but there weren't any, you just had to press on. she had an urge to call up and bitch out the distributor, the manufacturer, the mayor, anybody. all she had left in the cupboard was a sleeve of saltine crackers and even they had taken on air. i am all the books and am/fm radios dying for reception on the shelves. life flies by and you cannot catch her on the internet. she felt dead inside. inflation and end stage capitalism had sapped them all. the phone rang and she did not answer. mark came over and rapped on her window. how come you won't answer your phone? his name was so sudden. mark. let's get out of here. they walked to the park. he tried to cheer her up. let's get some ice cream. she couldn't stand the thought of anything milk related. stop it mark. you can't help me. it's hopeless. a lost cause. he stood on his head until his face turned red and she couldn't keep a straight face eye to eye with his belly button. she laughed and laughed until she cried.  what’s wrong with you mark? i love you, mark said, but you don’t love yourself. that’s what’s wrong.   #katyamills


celebrate! for now and here you are a mixture of all that has ever happened to you and facing with open eyes whatever is to come. this life has made you you. and you are real. all your feelings and thoughts all your love and pain and hope and hopelessness too.  #katyamills

Saturday 16 December 2023


a hollow 

made in snow

2 hold the heavy hearts

icicles drip and fall

the memories like 


in the badness of these times

let us be some light

if you live right you 

may you might



Friday 15 December 2023



remind me in two hours five minutes

i asked my phone

to call the one 

i love 


Thursday 14 December 2023


if when you speak your truth 

everyone looks up surprised or even shocked

don't worry

singularity of thought

often has this effect


Tuesday 12 December 2023


blasted from all sides

it angles into my peace of mind i

am dead by 

tech mixed with attention

deficit disorder

the fuse box is the source

i shut it down and with supreme hyper

focus. clairvoyant

 i see again



i was walkin yesterday

bad memory broke me down

dead leaves piled up around the pond

bad thoughts bad energy

the geese maneuvered wings so

molecules of water in the air 

caught by the light

helped me forget it

helped me get right 


Monday 11 December 2023


you had a heart 

they had the means to break it

having created you and

will it ever mend?

upon dying my dear i swear

the spirit volant



Friday 8 December 2023

reflections in a cast iron skillet

a fight 

out of the past

blurry memory

sparkling delight

reflections in an iron skillet

the gravest face

hungry and tired

cast and seasoned

to last


hey you with the dizzy aspirations

hey in the shadows

you the one torn in denim jeans

made of meds and recitations

galvanized by ultraviolet scenes

dodgy streets and stairwell

leans. hey you

with the dizzy aspirations i

love you


silica on asphalt

the vernacular of a friday night 

in the city punctuated by tires 

sketching patterns on asphalt 

carbon black and silica

synthetics form symbols 

of collective youth rebellion

in the haze of drift


Sunday 3 December 2023

excerpt dec 4 from memoirs

"You would be a fool to unblock if you knew you were facing annihilation."


excerpt december third from memoirs

"But let me tell of the best times for to leave them out would be like painting watercolors in the garden in the rain." #katyamills

Saturday 2 December 2023

book review

Review of Ame and The Tangy Energetic by Katya Mills

Reviewed by Kelly Marie Purdy

"Like the last book that I read by this author, this felt like a pretty intense read, but I liked it. I liked the fact that I had the perspective of both the protagonists, and I felt as though I got to know each character quite well, during the time I was reading.

For me, something about the narration felt intimate, as though I was reading someone's diary, or having a deep conversation with a friend. I think the author writes in a way that makes the reader feel connected to the characters, and aware of their emotions and experiences. While I was reading, I cared about these characters and their story."

Link to the review:

some days 2

'some days just being alive feels like a win' 

opined a fledgling optimist


Friday 1 December 2023


violet was a color
a flower
a name

in the forest we
settled into camp

she lived in the


book review

 Goodreads review of Girl Without Borders by Katya Mills. 

Reviewed on Dec 1st, 2023 by Kelly Marie Purdy...

This felt like a pretty intense read. I felt the author wrote in a way that was very to the point, very raw, without sugarcoating anything. I think that made me feel more aware of the characters' emotions and experiences, and I did feel connected to them. Something that I noticed was the fact that I felt quite sorry for these characters. The whole time I was reading about them, I felt as though I never fully understood them, or why they behaved the way they did, and that impacted me a little bit psychologically. I did like reading this though, it definitely had my attention after a few pages, and I became invested in it.