Tuesday, 4 August 2020


destiny rolled up on her like
a thin cylinder of finely cut kevlar 
sliding on petroleum residuals through tropical 
depressions on the backs of shellfish 
coming up for air. a wisp of watery smoke
in its wake


Monday, 3 August 2020


know me
know me not. for i am
but a single floret you
cannot see when aerial
looking down on me
in this parade of
roses. love me love
me not


of england. royal
flush. all the subjects


passage through incendiary heat
they whistled into atmosphere
deployed parachutes and swung into the
cool sea. no longer reflecting stars
they were one


street smarts before streets

i swept the floors then sat down to read
a book. stopped several times to
check my phone get a glass of
water do the dishes

before california was american before
china was china all anyone read was by

body against land
land against water
water against air
air against spirit

the slightest change in pace
direction or composition

looking for the weak one
to hunt and kill. side-eyed
running desperate within a
herd of potential

survival depended on you
paying attention. street
smarts before


Friday, 31 July 2020


stalled out broke
down in the middle
of the road you
uncovered the worst
and best of humanity
in under sixty

what with

what with water what
with sun you arose
from nothing