Friday, 14 May 2021


whenever i feel i am 
struggling i think back 
to when i really 

no money 
no home no real 
friends around. chaos in my world chaos in my

i become super aware
how sweet life has


Thursday, 13 May 2021


in opposition to the world

while we sleep our dreams try 

to sort things out like a librarian

on a night shift devoted

2 make sense of it all


Wednesday, 12 May 2021

cross current

the day you died we cried - oh - we 

cried. news of the conception of 

our mutual friend's second child

fought for celebration against 

the prevailing tide


mount shasta

elusive. dreamy like another world
we had been waiting for
you appeared

closer and closer we
became. your birds with red arrows
embroidered in the

being insignificant
was never more
important than


Monday, 10 May 2021

be with

in a city
for the first time you
don't have to do nothing
but be with
walk around and explore
leave your damn phone
at home


olympia reverb

we got yellow curry at da nang 

my friend asking would you sleep with a riot girl? 

anyone in sleater-kinney if they 

wanted to.  outside a veteran on an insult parade 

ready to kill rock stars 

badgered a dope fiend using a wheelchair

 4 a panhandle pick me up 

the lead singer at the beggars banquet 

crashing into it all

we wanted to cry but we laughed

closer to nirvana. may as well be 1989 here 

nothings changed   #katyamills

car crash

saturday night b4 mother's day

clutching a 6 pack of tacos to go 

on northgate

we froze when two cars 

collided. BLAM! 

i gave my shirt to a guy

whose arm got sliced. everyone thinking 

about moms how

lucky to be alive