Wednesday, 13 November 2019

soft fall

the grapefruit ice you drink upon the delta breeze

with summer lost its spark

calm down. you need not rush

the leaves to turn and

softly fall upon the crossing


time to sit and talk

all the cell phones gone and what a world

would be. what a world once

was and how we got along you

fingered my blouse i cried to think so

soon you would be


outwitting the grammar police on the outskirts of dot dash city

Lynn P. Penner
I'm the typo queen. Sometimes I look back on messages and wonder how I survive the writing world lol

Did you get your work done? Was it worth working your ass off to miss a pretty day? lol Have a good day tomorrow. 🙂
Lynn P. • Tue, 6:06 PM
the typo queen enlists apostrophe charles to fight the evil dyslexics riding around town in their supercharged semi-colons on the edge of dot dash city

Thursday, 7 November 2019


i had a nightmare and woke up and drank some water and when i fell back asleep it turned into a dream. you can try but you cannot force things, you may even suffer if you do. you cannot push yourself into a personality. it's okay to learn new things about yourself. it's okay to wanna change. if you feel unsatisfied or unhappy, you gotta find what it is you are fighting and stop. best to accept it. allow things to be the way they are. and just work on it every day a little.
katya selfie 2019


you told me of your fears and how you might not make it. i was so looking forward to your visit. seeing you for the first time in 15 years. my blood. my cousin. the only one i've got, i mean, the only one i talk to. i saw us roaming up to tahoe and down to san francisco maybe over to the ocean. what a heartbreaker. okay. the most important thing is your health. these day's it's god's will, anyway, not mine.
author at home

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

journal 1 november

the song of summer has ended
and we nest inside our city

these cool dawns thaw out ina flash
with the sunrise and i cut most
my hair off and layer

i can smile waking up again i
can find myself again
in the winter i

can see my breath

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

the seconds

will you stop for a moment, dear sir, madame?
please for a fraction of
my soul

hk is special

the west and east have always been mirrors. one
sees its autonomy and corruption by the
other. sees its purity and constriction
by the other. sees its integration
in the rare and magical city
where reflections dissolve
and berlin may be

hk. hong