Sunday, 22 September 2019

try the world out

take a vacation to planet earth it won't be paid you gotta earn your keep every day. it won't be fair cuz life on earth ain't fair but you could get lucky. your trip will not have a specified departure but you could be asked to leave at any moment. guaranteed pleasure and pain! in almost lethal doses! you can transform your pain into suffering and your pleasure into happiness if you wish. you will have free will but most likely someone or thing will restrict it prohibitively for your entire visit. come and sign up for this amusement ride! take a trip to planet earth and see how long you can survive!

Saturday, 21 September 2019


i once was so very
alone if i encountered you
and we went sideways
the moment would burn
for days


anyone who thinks
it selfish to claim
your identity

must have not
once questioned
their own

a lack of curiosity
is sad and scared and
cannot be trusted

for who does not
wrestle with


i string words together
not for nothing
that I can find myself
when i get lost
in the madness of
this world

take refuge

how do you protect
your heart

if you really loved
you cannot

at least you
really loved


our best work comes
when we are not conscious
when the passage of time
cannot be mapped
the best is so often
a surprise

birds mia

one day
when all our birds are drones
may we remember what we are
grateful for