Sunday, 31 May 2020

back yourself up

i danced to the old songs you played 
when life seemed less lethal less complicated 
by pandemic by racism by sociopolitical

less strung out on manipulated media
in our faces in our pockets in our cell
phones keeping tabs all night and day 

if we let it. i danced freely like
i had some kind of voice some kind of 

in an automated world 
ina cyber reality you really gotta
know who you are. download yourself
before you get 

judged and encrypted

back yourself up

(less than) lethal

the uniforms the weapons the 
shields. oh why why why
do they get to be protected all the 
damn time?

murdered over a counterfeit 
bill. cup foods. corner of chicago ave
in the thirties. murdered over a 

given history of litigation of systemic 
racism. america. there is no promise no certainty they
will have to pay for what 
they done

the people grieve
the people come together
the people cry they
shake they stay out late
past curfew pelted by rubber bullets burned
by tear gas they
are detained. arrested

for what?
for an expression
for an honest expression

the force is lethal
calls itself less than
less than lethal the force
is lethal

it can kill you make
no mistake it can and

may 30. 2020. america

if you had a heart you cried if
you had a heart you shouted out in protest
against the unspeakable 

if you had a heart it broke and maybe 
you could not control yourself 
for a while

grieving these systemic patterns of criminal
behavior in bed with american institutions
you could not bear to remain


out on the streets
where you joined the others
and a stream became a river and a river
an ocean of


dredging up a particle of hope
there to see you were not alone 
gone half insane in

Friday, 29 May 2020


they wield such power they can kill a black man in public
and did. George Floyd. while civilians expressed outrage
from the sidewalk. rioting followed and what do you expect,
America? when people are hunted and trapped, helpless.
handcuffed. unable to breathe. another life discarded. another
family torn apart. a community. a nation of communities.
fighting the power the authority the institutionalized racism.
looking for leaders who may deliver social justice. a cop
accused of murder. found guilty. convicted. sentenced to life
or death.

Thursday, 28 May 2020


the ones who want to help
cannot help us

god bless them

when we feel
superfluous and unwanted like static 
to airwaves

only we can find
our way

fixed between stations

even static has a righteous place
in this world

maybe we

god bless us

maybe we

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

what the hell

i didn't know
what the hell i 
was doing
i lacked insight
i lacked judgment
but i did what i did
and i did
what i could
and survived and
now i know
what the

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

keep dreaming

when you finally let
the old dream go
you can get down
to really living

they say

but who?
who can live?
who can live without