Monday, 24 January 2022

we wait...

4 someone to text us back
4 our luck to change
4 the rain 2 cleanse our soul
4 inspiration when we have none
4 that old laughter between us
4 our frog legs 2 defrost
4 our hearts to pump blood
back into our sleepy limbs

that old silence
the water comes to boil
the trees start to sway
lean into the wind
flexing their roots
night and day
we wait

2 feel the coffee warm our insides
2 feel the cold predawn penetrate us
2 pee in a cup for a new job
2 get over it
2 feel


eldorado resort casino. reno

spectrum girls in their dresses 
after the ball. in and out the ladies room
to spot check reflections and make 
themselves perfect. 10 bucks for 
penny slots the eye of a chaperone

a man in a wheelchair
passed out with his jacked 
pulled over his head
hiding from the games alive and ready 
to be played 

the earthbound ones laid out
their demands. then dissembled
into innumerable grains 
of sand


Sunday, 23 January 2022

biggest little city in the world


touched by the gods

encircled by sierra peaks

Reno is some half century old Vegas

pawnshops and desperate cowboys

who lost they hats but found

they girls under the grand 



Friday, 21 January 2022

votive ii

deceased lay the flower beds
toxic and soaking
perspiration thick 
as glue 

we passed the ethereal fields
cranked the shaft
flipped a bitch and sailed 
due north

the agonists and antagonists  
darting out from the shadows 
we released the nitrous oxide
mixed with half 
and half

burned the white sage
whole off the stern

petitioned a ragtag battalion of orcas
like white blood cells to seal in 
the heat

caustic energies aft and 
starboard the spirit 
signals blaring into the night

the candles they 
flickered and danced 


Thursday, 20 January 2022

writing tip # 1.20.22

emotional coloring
extracted from the past by intention
can cushion the ache of remembrance
and bring personal history
back to life


Wednesday, 19 January 2022

real time

thoughts accumulate @ the corner of up and down just above freezing
mufflers give away ignitions in the silence behind double pane motel glass
corner of down and up on the back of a harley feeling the torque insane or sane 
we are the strange circumstance of being in this world
real time


Tuesday, 18 January 2022

saturday special

here comes Carlo 
to bless us with the egg mcmuffin
all i got this day i hope to give 
coffee. sucre. crema
a crystal clear morning 
i wanna live