Tuesday, 6 November 2018

internalize stigma

what if all the ones with foul mouths for an expression you made suddenly had to internalize their own externalized stigma? imagine all the people. living under the same weight you suffer through and carry on.

tall green tea

I revisited the day and crushed on strangers. what with my tall iced green tea in a local café.


you elected to opt out of the midterm elections. how can I love you without raising objection?


I vote for you and me. and our friendship. decentralized.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

not just on halloween

i hardly ever dress up. i was raised in corduroy and cotton. took me twenty years to tear up my clothes. love of a thrift store and all you can find. life underground because main street got old. i could not appreciate anything. until I found you.

cocoa and me

cocoa did her nails. then she did mine. she told me how happy i made her dad. she was a working girl and a high class escort. kept in a fancy hotel. SF. Civic Center. i was friends with her dad. Market Street felt alive and dead simultaneously. how could it be? i wondered what life was like. i lost my job and family and forgot how to pray. life was beginning to make sense.