Friday, 18 October 2019

12 going on 21

why you were left alone so long 
only the spinning world 
would know

it hurts looking back. you made friends easy
 and what friends. a formula 
for trouble 

and trouble looks like anything
 but trouble at


used to be hotels and nightclubs
 concerts and restaurants
 shots of light and whisky in the dark

 now i find the glam 
in silent early mornings cooking
 coffee ona stove

a kid told me

people suck
i could not deny that they do

what if we all suck up to 50% of the time 
on average? could we still have faith we won’t ever suck more than half the time? 

we could dream of being 
suck free some 

friendship combo

what if you became we 
would the disparity between our worldviews 

no more blame game

let us try making somethin outta what we have
 then if we succeed

we can celebrate our friendship

if i thought about

what made you you 
and how our lives would 
look without it

i too would organize
i too would risk arrest and a violent 
reaction to our

without what made you

there can be none of what made me
 me or us — we


we see our flags in your streets we see
   your movement like ours
could not
     cannot be 


love hk. 4 what will not cannot be assimilated like you love your own uniqueness. love hk