Friday 31 July 2020


stalled out broke
down the middle
of the road you
got the worst
and best of humanity all
in under sixty


what with

what with water what
with sun you arose
from nothing

Wednesday 29 July 2020


she holds the secrets
from before the land
broke up and oceans



colors flood
the story in your heart
locating a world
focused on eye



days and nights
the stress i gotta suppress
my feelings sometimes
before they run me
away from

nights and days you
give me a hard
time i don't
know exactly what
to say

not unusual like
any day i think i'll get up go

back to the


Sunday 26 July 2020


you found me half dead
in the heat you 
rolled past like a mirage gave 
me your wheels and ran 
alongside me while the mercury

the river edges
wavering undefined with 
wakes from props

i was gonna pass out i
dropped down the subsequent

in sand steps deep we
dove into the life


Saturday 25 July 2020


no place for a kid the
she's been hurt before
you come on so
strong. without her phone she's
isolated.  you care so much you
control her won't
give her space when she
asks. you're the only one
she's got. listen. it's a pressure
through the wind pipes too 
much she gonna run



imagine the day we
may flood the streets we may

see ourselves
smiling and may
we embrace because it's


Thursday 23 July 2020


the government sent the
not so secret police

even the iron on patches
would not iron 
on. you broke out
super glue

the same you used
to affix the stick to
your flag

your rough
locks in fighting

got your attitude

painted another layer
of enamel on your

texted your friends
to meet under the
oak tree

don't forget
knit hats the
masks the baking


Wednesday 22 July 2020


i came up
4 air you pulled
on my hair we
fought 4
swore 4

my forever 4 
ever underneath
the outbursts we


come x

come by tunnels i
surf the channels
to find you

come by rainbows i
arc out over the city
just to see you i

come by wheels
encrypted ring

i come by sign

just 2 be by
your side


m path

i took the m-path
out of the city

abandoned buildings
electric lights
and rain

i took the blue
line just to see you



a fine set of books
coffee that cooks
songs with good

we must be
in para


Monday 20 July 2020

face of the sky

laughin in the face of the sky

cryin all the tears from a cloud

prayers hit the earth

loud when heads are humble

and properly bowed


Friday 17 July 2020


They were in Florida at the time. Ocean, orange juice stands, rednecks, salt and sugar, lizards. She was coming down for a visit one week. The summer of ‘98 found them smoking and drinking, watchin the surf pounding away at the beach, lulling them to sleep until the sun rose and woke their asses up. Pop some X and go for a swim. Lay out the multicolored towels. Feelin the sun layin in the light. He was pushing into keys on the typewriter nights while she kicked back on the couch reading magz. They worked their fingers across the board so the letter arms wouldn’t rust, living off the pay and bonus from the last job. Rumbling around the intercoastal on the bike to take the steam off a hot humid day after the noon rains.     

- Katya Mills. Excerpt from my new project, tentatively titled They The Firmament.

Thursday 16 July 2020

the bricks let
the elements
soak into the

i hit them

dropped a fin
on the bar for a gin
watching you go
soft into the

i can't help it
im obsessed by
the song

can we play it

rewind all our fast
trax play it super
slow together

we got no choice we
gotta move on
im sorry but ill be

watchin you go
soft into the

gotta find
my voice soft
into the night
soft into the
light its hard
on us

this life


ghost of green eyes

ona street a cat
confronts me the ghost
of green

came up crying
talking to me
like you felt
my pain

you did

know how to hiss
forgot how to

i got some crumbs
for you and some
time. get down


ghost of green
eyes. here

i remember i
was not allowed



made some fire then
we collide

at the diner
count our

clash of
the mexi


Monday 13 July 2020

rotary phone

like some sweet casino game
they drilled holes in a disk
attached to your face
buxom and heavy
enough i could defend my life
by you. crack some bastard
in the skull. curled
umbilical cord wrapped around
the body. receiver gripped cold
dial zero for an operator
will talk you down
until help arrives


Sunday 12 July 2020


they was loving life they was up
at dawn and ya they got knocked down they
got up quick they came back fighting
after they been through it they
sat back drank a
cool glass of water up
at dawn and

such was life


Saturday 11 July 2020


you let me cross you let me 
dress i let you 


Friday 10 July 2020


tiktok the time goes by time
goes by stars gaze into our eyes
never stop never drop keep
pushin along. tiktok cannot
kill this song keep


Thursday 9 July 2020

i want to be a watercolor so i can wash away. i used to want to be a sharpie. now i was a stillness they could focus on. a moving stillness absorbing heat and sun and sky and sound. the city only a few miles away but i kept it real in my heart. i was easily aggravated. i got on wheels and rolled the fuck away. i had to leave it all behind regularly for freedom. these words they beat you up at night. you wonder how the mouths had the nerve to let them through the teeth. i forgive easy, ok, gimme time. happiness was once so easy to find. like an astronaut chicken in walmart. butter. tomato onion. pepper. garlic. now i was full of anxiety and depression. i could not seem to unrelate myself to them. i turned to fast food in the pandemic. i couldn’t change the channel. i had to learn to show an interest in the life around me. i took extra time lining my eyes with chocolate maybelline. i took great care with my lashes to make em look like japanese wood carvings of waves. i want to be a watercolor. so i can wash away.

Wednesday 8 July 2020


i click my visions off
rest my elbow on your
thigh to F-stop and find
some damn balance


Tuesday 7 July 2020

seven ways of saying

keep showing
up don't let these thoughts
overpower you. stressed
detained i see you locked
inside a flame beside
the river

talk to me show me how
you feel. we are water when
we let go


be like my cat be

july i was high up
front like the head
lines what with changes
following each note of this
damn sonata they rise they
fall see. my emo
in my face be like my
cat by my
side  - OH
by my side


sad wrap son

sad rapper at the sad
wrap. spittin lyrics at the
ice cold mirror. once visionary
critically acclaimed high
life reduced to crap sad
rapper why life so sad that's a
wrap son


Monday 6 July 2020


i am walking home before midnight
the city crackles with explosives the
heaviest ones shake the ground and
resound against the pop pop pop the
whistling with definite small caliber
gunfire shot off by the rebels
among us. the powder and sulfur
permeates the heat my old traumas
are resurfacing the anxiety is only adrenaline
lit like a fuse. you cannot cancel the fourth
of july.  the wonderment in kids faces beneath the bloom
a full moon. ascending receding
block after block. the river the
only stillness tonight. its reflection
captures my imagination


Sunday 5 July 2020


culture got canceled our tickets
would not be redeemed
all the statues were harbored
and hawked off to Russia
i guess was not all what
it seemed


Thursday 2 July 2020

pepper tea

the subtle thing got a little louder the
magnanimous one dropped back some. when they met
for pepper tea the not so subtle truth told the big
thing you sure made me feel important
you did. thank you. they stirred sugar
evenly. room enough
for two


Wednesday 1 July 2020

81 corona

eighty one
got a bigger screen tv got a hammer
a case of beer and a fever of a hundred and two
eighty one gonna sweat it out in a shape fitting armchair
eighty one. a child of the second world war
running a fever reads
a hundred three
ain't no damn virus gonna stop me