Thursday 30 November 2023

working memory does not work

 my working memory does not work very well but i will remember you all my life


Wednesday 29 November 2023

type it!

 most cats are more genuine than most dogs. i know. its a controversial thing to say. my cats made me type it. 


Tuesday 28 November 2023

hifi notifyyy

 the best notification systems come from instinct you cannot buy them on amazon



a steady hand
wandering mind
moods break and make
a row
you get it down
in columns
even if it's slow


Monday 27 November 2023

nov 27

 today's nightmare ... tomorrow's dream



that breakup really hurts. you cannot have contact? go looking for yourself. the one who they loved before it all fell apart.  #katyamills

Sunday 26 November 2023

nov 26

 the end of happiness today gives ground for the beginning of happiness tomorrow



if you wake up feeling like a failure find some small success to start your day and may the gods love you


Saturday 25 November 2023

down with black and white thinking

the way they broad brush the poor the trans the mentally ill the emotional dysregs the fluids the spectrums the racial minorities in antisocial media circles is not helpful. down with black and white thinking! #katyamills


they ran out of words
this must be fiction cannot be real
to speak in desperation and still you cannot 

save it 
they told themselves
save it 4 someone who gives a god

the days would be long the nights longer
until they found a means 

2 leave home 2
make it on they own
such is life


drama 2

the run was over 
the lead wiped the makeup off his face
staring down the dressing room mirror

wishing they would take this show 
on the road

jealousy lay in wait
outside these theatre walls
the kind of drama you could not 
rehearse for 


care 2

whenever he asked her out 
she went she let fall her brown hair she
let him pursue her they went for cocktails
one night under her influence
he thought she cared about him
more than anyone but 
she was simply


sky keeps the secret

every november they traveled from adjacent towns for the weekend. crossed the half-sunken bridges spanning the boggy marsh. never to be seen again. a grey sky kept the secret in the eyes of the old spotted owl.   #katyamills

Friday 24 November 2023


years ago we papered the walls in lavender. our only home. now it has faded and the kids have drawn all over. you want to tear it down. i like it the way it is. why do I feel like any one of a thousand disagreements will end us? the color softens my mood and let it be.  #katyamills


if you have no way of getting out of your head you are a goner

you can make it as a novelist



she was very little. she was a boy. it was her first hockey team. the ice was smooth at the start of practice and rough at the end. it always was. her dad one of the coaches. they had learned enough about teamwork to be ready for their first ever game. stepping out of the rink the skates hit the rubber mats and they walked to the dressing rooms. her heartbeat doubled maybe tripled. they had pinned all the jerseys on the wall. she  ran up to get hers. a big W on the front to represent the town they lived in. embroidered hunter green and yellow gold on white. the colors. on the back her last name was stitched in capital letters above her favorite number. in her very first game she scored the team's very first goal with a wrist shot past the goaltender and into the net. she made her family proud. everyone could see it was number 4. she raised her arms over her head and her teammates skated up and into her arms.  #katyamills

Thursday 23 November 2023

Wednesday 22 November 2023


 in today's world it's easy to overlook what's going on inside you. do this but at your own risk.


k memoir exxxcerpt

 When we fight I can go from zero to one hundred and all the memories of all the fights I have ever been in, come back. This time I was flashing back on Kali and how terribly we fought when we were under some influence. She would come at me with a fist and I would be shocked and try to duck and sometimes she would catch me on the jawline or jab her knuckles into my shoulder and I have to confess it felt good being hit, I wanted to be, it brought me into my body and out of my head where all the bad thoughts were torturing me in those days. We were lovers in these strange phases of wanting to kill each other. It would last for hours maybe days or until one of us acquiesced. and we made a shaky peace because it was too exhausting to keep on fighting and we lived together. Then we could lie our bodies down and watch mindless tv and drink and wonder if we could ever hold one another and feel loved the way we had before, after all the blistering hatefulness. This was twenty ten and I was thirty-seven and Kali, who I thought at the time was my forever, who I wanted to be and burdened with the responsibility of being my forever, was almost forty. We took selfies of ourselves and printed them out on colored paper after photoshopping them and tacked them to the wall of the room where we were staying. We walked down the paths hidden beneath trees down the hill to Grand Avenue and the last Blockbuster in the world, holding hands, to rent obscure movies. I preferred horror and she preferred crime, and the genres seemed to bleed off the screen and into our life together. We didn’t fuck enough, in her opinion, and she held it against me. And the more she held it against me, the less I wanted to. #katyamills

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Monday 20 November 2023

pact with the subconscious?

the subconscious made a sycophant 
of me. night after night i made a case for the material of dreams 
not to torment

i offered up classical music and salt lamps and feathers of goose 

i got nothing 
but the same so I took ahold of this 
and charted my course 
by stars



 a rainy night. waiting for you at the train station in the shadow of a high rise. we have a couple years to catch up on my dear sister. to get started i will make you coffee. from scratch.   #katyamills

Thursday 16 November 2023

pressure made the river

callous looks in the subways

charitable smiles to pure disgust

the reactions had a range

pressure made a river

what it was. it never started pretty 

they cut through settled lands

fomenting division

still. they reverberated inside

no longer pretending no longer wondering

what could have been


Sunday 12 November 2023

shadow of exxxpectations

when we were little ones we lived in long shadows of expectations. unless you wanted what they wanted this made for some suffering. it was good to believe in yourself. how can anyone demand you refuse your heart’s calling? challenge them. show them how much it means to you.


mop radio

the gallon jug of Arizona got away from me

took a bounce off the sensor

came apart on the floor

the blue vests gather around staring at the puddle

someone radio the cleanup crew

another broken heart 


BBC and Vitamin C

a terrifying dream all alone in the back seat of a van being driven by no one in reverse on the highway upwards of eighty miles an hour. when I awoke I took a swig of orange juice and let the BBC and spoken language calm me. #katyamills

Saturday 4 November 2023

fish E

I love my fish! she said. tranquil. could they love me too? eyes look opposite directions. i cannot tell. who said love needs eyes?  #katyamills


november arrived  

the wars multiplying like cell phone towers and fear

the only one who might help was 

any of the gods

the line was corrupt or unattended

the pantheon hallucinating 


Friday 3 November 2023

i was not well until i was

anyone could tell i
was not well
those who cared had tried and failed
to help uplift my life 

from this low and dreary
state. having lost what i had left 
to lose

to die not of despair i chose
to be a light for some small one

this need not define you
let the pain inform you
you can and will
make it out


mango lassi

have the mango lassi! 
a boy on a scooter implored 
rolling table to table in the Indian restaurant 

we did not indulge
remembering this passionate face one day
i will