Thursday 30 September 2021

the last wave

down a narrow sandy path checkered with manzanita
to Point Rincon in this sleepy surf town
a memorial of painted rocks for a man who gave his wife
the child she always wanted before drowning
on the last wave. three days we stayed in Carp
churning avocados into guacamole. we are lucky 
llamas truly blessed hoping to meet a descendant of
the Chumash   #katyamills

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Big Sur beats

highway 1
eleven hundred miles 
of coast with you 
los gatos at home
weaving through 
the mountains
radio and gas stations 
the canyons
salt in our nostrils
kelp tossed like an aside
to the beaches
water pounding sense into 
these rocks 

reach out 
over the cliffs to 


Tuesday 28 September 2021


was gonna cross myself

take something wasn't mine

had the opportunity and 

let it be. before i awoke found

myself reading what i wrote on a stage

touching into the under

blue arm tattoo

dear anarchist dream self 

thank you for coming in 

line after 48 years all 



Monday 27 September 2021

enter the ocean

i cannot believe i am
flawless if you told me a million times

the salty breath
crashing into shore 
repeats this notion in my dumb

if you dare not enter the ocean 
headlong you will not drown

neither will you be 


Sunday 26 September 2021

small by the sea

the ocean swallowed the red sun
whole. you and me tucked behind a blanket
this sandy realm gone twilight i feel 
so small by the sea and it's good
why had we not gone swimming? 
had i forgot... in the body
the memory pulled me up
with a start. the mind 
cannot fathom the sinister   


Saturday 25 September 2021

con respeto

you came from Mexico to work 
you say to make money painting
houses seven days a week no days off
ever? this is why you came
you say. i offer you a doctor pepper
and ask you  - con respeto -
the fumes! have they
gone to your head?

Friday 24 September 2021

they want you they want you to be someone you not they fantasize no intention on realities you fix them breakfast stare into they soul streamin vids fightin jetstream wide open like the canyons the world is hard and wants you too and took you we have lost


Thursday 23 September 2021

run on empathy

drained they was

runnin on empathy alone

clothes tattered

eyes red thoughts 

burned black elbows

an knees nicked 

tummy grumbles throat

gurgles breath wheeze

please don't leave 

me we got all 

night don't we?


Wednesday 22 September 2021


intervals together we

shared the unforgettable 

brevity the building feverish 

the long hours waitin...

years later got our wish

all our days twenty

four seven together we 

could have killed each

other and then...

we did  #katyamills

Tuesday 21 September 2021

the 5th try

a hawk fought 4 balance 

over the banks of the river

5 times she spoke 

4 times he did not listen

it was bound 2 be a great 

fall     #katyamills

solution like the ocean

the days could be dizzying

we all got mixed up

it matters

how you put your

self together how fantastic 

to solve oneself 

like so   #katyamills

Sunday 19 September 2021

say if

if you say if 

i was wrong in your

letter of apology

you ain't



Saturday 18 September 2021

b gen

i gen and then evolved to be gen

life was saturated online

receptive fandoms and such

offline the marble got smaller

and rolled and could only be seen

from a great distance 



Friday 17 September 2021


unable to think unable 

to speak. mashed and bounced

precisely half ways across the earth

absorbed by some gargantuan feeling

you wrote poems unlike mine 

except they was true. watch 

over me and i over you


Thursday 16 September 2021





Alma Petterson
rated it really liked it
Sep 10, 2021
rated it it was amazing
Sep 02, 2021
Paula Cox
Aug 06, 2021rated it it was amazing
I really did enjoy this book. I really disliked the cliff hanger it ended on. Now I have to find the next book to read so i can find out what happened. UGH!
rated it it was amazing
Jun 26, 2021
rated it it was amazing
Jun 06, 2021


rated it really liked it
Sep 12, 2021
Paula Cox
This seems really familiar. It seems to be like the book Maze I read. It was good. I liked it a lot. Would definitely recommend.
rated it really liked it
Sep 05, 2021
rated it liked it
Jan 01, 2021
Bianca Betts
rated it it was ok
Nov 17, 2020
Aaron Stroud
rated it it was amazing
Nov 08, 2020
Christi Massey
I really enjoyed the grittiness of this book. Very atmospheric and engaging. Great read!

Tuesday 14 September 2021


question everything

and the thoughts running 

wild across the

synapse  #katyamills

Monday 13 September 2021

made up

laced up our finest boots

eyelashes bold 

made up real fierce we

rolled out with our knapsacks

to the independent 



Sunday 12 September 2021

blow the disparate minds

takes silence   





on all the tragedy

you inflicted and when the time comes 

destroy the very home obliterate the ego 

rebuild it from scratch

and blow the 




push flowers

they was pushin daisies  

all around us

swimmin in shark waters

we was. twenty twenty

pandemic and fentanyl i 

got a fightin chance

shoulda pushed flowers 20 years back 

my gratitude runs deep. every blade 

a forest every drop a 

lake every second 

a lifetime


Friday 10 September 2021

unlikely places

they found intimacy 

in fighting in yelling being

pinned against a wall

deep beneath the ice they 

was yearning  


Thursday 9 September 2021

venmo fugitives

here was okay 

but nothin like nowhere

rummaging through shops 

4 clothes @ war with capitalism

venmo fugitives

we tore through the firewalls

they constructed

bleedin us for pennies

on the other side



Wednesday 8 September 2021


you will not need a platform
a purpose a cell phone you
do not need money or friends 
or water or food you just 
need to pray around
the clock give thanks
and speak truth 
they say  #katyamills

Tuesday 7 September 2021

i was yours
the cars spinning down the streets
collision with the air 
i was yours and
i was yours until 
being a hood ornament 
became a fuckin
drag   #katyamills

Monday 6 September 2021

lesser brighter days

the fall after the summer

not unlike immolation 4 the cause

was marked by fiery reds

yellow and orange in

the ones who survived


Sunday 5 September 2021

newlyweds bumper crop

the boy recycled the cans tied 2 the newlyweds 

bumper. used the proceeds 

toward baseball cards climbed

the aqueduct chewing bubble gum 

under a honey moon


C notes

i would not be

some rich emmm F

flat posin with a C note

you could 

not pay me 

enough  #katyamills

Friday 3 September 2021

any verse

out on the stones

a friday eve with any verse

tremulous voice

tied back sleeves lips 

pursed. all the world let

down her locks 

in the arms of her bonny



Thursday 2 September 2021


hailed by two string guitars 

evocative. we touched our scars we 

looked to the stars what 

when you hit shore? we prayed

we prayed 

into the grid you tore and 

the children swore god

damn they 

swore   #katyamills  

Wednesday 1 September 2021


they was wanted 

on any road traveled

east and south and west and north

an unsparing desire 

in some bar 

on any street corner

sleeves rolled up

for a fix