Wednesday 31 March 2021

slow mo

tail end of the nightmare pandemic

an extended slow mo hug was greater

than any antidepressant stronger than

any drug    #katyamills

Tuesday 30 March 2021

life once was song 
created and produced by crickets
ina full throated silence


flying down a dirt road at dusk 
consumed with emotion 

she demands 
we find another


lover girl boy

she choreographed the words
by heart channeled to the lips
conducted by the tongue she
wanted him he wanted
her. the earth shook the
ground beneath cut up into zigzags they
held their ground they
held hands across the divide
and made the world


free the ever given

endless tugboats and an egyptian

full moon high tide

could not dislodge the floating 

skyscraper lost its bearings in a sandstorm

blocking the artery

giving the world a stroke


Sunday 28 March 2021

static pop

the more involved 
they was the harder 
2 disconnect. when tugged upon 
ina loving direction they
wires uncrossed 

the sparks

how they



Friday 26 March 2021

re.set deux

abandoned they car by golden
arches campers panhandlers
broke up a field of mustard they
kept a journal and the basics
nothing much. feckless wasted burnt
off they last sawbuck on god knows
what. chin up. dodgin reality
the life of the broke woke 
and idle


Thursday 25 March 2021

navel (gaze)


2 the tune of a minor threat horn section

stopping traffic

they relived the days they 

were inseparable




are when you are you

are not when

you are 



Tuesday 23 March 2021


they took no umbrage

amidst another tumultuous attempted overthrow 

born under the lights they faced a hundred million semi-happy believers

palms together they smiled without 

a smile




resistance turned

overt in the year of got nothing

to lose


Saturday 20 March 2021

true crime

rolling thoughtful eyes

a milky soporific

tea leaves discarded in an angry

drain.  too long i let it steep too long. i'm sorry

a confession

the weapon



Friday 19 March 2021


the roads still glistening with dew they 
carved a 180 @ the 5432 
café. a pour over black no creamer
for the dreamer 


Thursday 18 March 2021

the hundred

like a storm cloud 

both - and + charged 

a hundred days they 

venture until




Wednesday 17 March 2021


you tore into us
drunk again
one of your moods 

i tried to make 
myself small i
stood out like a cherry 
on a sea of whipped 


Tuesday 16 March 2021

Monday 15 March 2021

in the ozone

some choose some are chosen 

mixing it up with song and dance

others paid to capture 

and serve to witness in silence

the ultraviolet



corner of over and under

born of a lavender haze
inspiration found an untimely death 
at the corner of over and


the little things

shadows under bridges under

trains under eyes the postcards they 

got from a distant memory friend 

could lighten they darkest 




Friday 12 March 2021

return of the ghost of green eyes

ona street confronted 

by the ghost of green eyes

talks to them feeling they 


knows how to hiss forgot 

how to love

got some crumbs

for you here and some


crying now? 

whatsoever 4 

the ghost of green

eyes they remember 

this was 



bronzed with nails of gold

sick of waiting on hold 

she threw her hair back 

gotta jump on her '89 Peugeot 

to Dallas. intercepting lines with a decadent hum

intermittence of back lit squares

mascara and eyeliner bold

triumphant she got in on the other

side and out of the cold



Wednesday 10 March 2021

scrambled march

on zoom we 
were less than full power
like degrees of forests 
set to the tenth april 


Tuesday 9 March 2021


when the magic dried up the
onlookers moved 

the suits 
jacks and queens in diamonds
the spades and lonely hearts
the kings

leaving them
only true 


Monday 8 March 2021

2021 royal

royal in a dollar store 

sucking the life out a green apple 

lollipop coupled with angst

the dyed hair the 

cell phone stare the resignation 

of the throne. the press stalks

with bloody mary


Sunday 7 March 2021

green and blue days

the whippoorwill calls and calls

into the silence. no one answers 

what once they shared

now severed beyond 



Saturday 6 March 2021


yes freedom also means you have the right to believe anything no matter how patently false unequivocally backwards and unceremoniously walk away from common sense and wisdom to devote your entire being to the pursuit of social injustice and economic inequality. you live with yourself. 

Friday 5 March 2021

current z

the boy made worlds

where they could live

the girl commanded the currents

to lean back 

not take no one

too far out where they 

would or could

get hurt 


Thursday 4 March 2021


i got a promotion this week -- Clinical Director -- at excited to make a greater impact for our community ... listening and speaking from the heart ... helping my team of outpatient case workers support our people out in South Natomas and North Highlands ... life is more and more challenging on the streets ... what with mental illness and socioeconomic challenges ... cultural/racial injustices. i ask myself every day: what more can i do to help? at least i have a small platform and some skills to offer. 8 years clean off the hard stuff. what with the poetry, the books, my friends, as a therapist, life keeps getting more and more exciting.

Wednesday 3 March 2021

4 keeps

the days unsparingly dull 

then when they lay down to rest 

the dreams like a thriller

replete with all the life they could not have 

encouraged to be somebodys

project dependent and broken they 

sometimes forgot 

the best about them

self what was for keeps


Tuesday 2 March 2021


they spirit so affluent 

the gold diggers counted 

they ghosts


Monday 1 March 2021

bad reel

some introductions fizzle

from the start like a film with award winning acting cinematography and stunts

a musical score to die for  

yet the screenplay shallow piss

poor. a non event a bad