Wednesday 30 June 2021

smile of smiles

the fight of fights 
like it never gonna end
furniture trembling
the kids with fingers 
in ears 


the smile of smiles
rose from the east
they ran to the windowsill
drunk off oblivion


Tuesday 29 June 2021


writing verses

sleep. black liner circles

the eyes

the one who sings

cannot speak

everyone come to the center

soft body contact

the lyrics

the breath 

the hearts

the beat  



death was


unpacking all 

the bad karma you 

accumulated against 

the good

life was juicy

a study in animation

test flight of the soul  

not to demonize



Sunday 27 June 2021


when the pulse is heavy and slow

when you could sleep a million years

thoughts cannot find a flow 

too tired for tears. let the music 

touch you   #katyamills

red tail

alone at the end of the day
eyes weakened by screens
lunging at air like a bull i
was visited by a red-tail hawk
he gave me the vision i 
thought i had lost  


Friday 25 June 2021

life in

oil on the chain balance the wheels 

riding they bike round town real slow 

the day long timing the lights just right

you see memories of poverty not all

bad the simple things all 

they had   #katyamills

Thursday 24 June 2021


breaks away like a tormented soul 

within the heart of a wild horse i

talk to it carefully like a child

honestly. you cannot have we 

cannot afford it. here. come with me 

let's go outside and run. maybe 

make friends. we cannot

have and better without


Wednesday 23 June 2021

mi gatos

hiding under blankets

listen to momma liquefy

oats ice bananas 

green and brown eyes with 

coffee spaced out super

perdidos obsessed by 

birds   #katyamills

Tuesday 22 June 2021


some beet faced drunk knocked

produce off the stand

dodging shadows stepped 

on garlic cloves 

the masks had just come off

that sound

the flesh breaking under 

paper skins

you paid me a compliment

 i - i wasnt sure i 

could take it   #katyamills

Monday 21 June 2021

they (don't) care

they don't care

what you may think or say or

feel. find something you love

put your heart in it and 

never give up


Sunday 20 June 2021


like a secret 

in the nucleus 

of the yolk

of the eye

we defy analytics



sharpened by 

the guarantee of 



to be dulled

by screens

technology or



Saturday 19 June 2021

cat and bird

blondy and the black cat 

brothers contemplative for hours 

on this high balcony

only a mouth

full of feathers

will end the procession 

of cans


Friday 18 June 2021

some kids

like frozen planets they 

lived long in darkness with space

they fell into orbit waiting

for the sun to inhabit 

they potential. centuries

away long since learned the art of solitude

to free up they water

and colors


Thursday 17 June 2021

(grow) up

when dead broke the bills 

get big and ferocious they yell at you 

late @ night cant get no sleep

growing up u discover u

your own problem now 



Wednesday 16 June 2021


growing up in new england they

was a gale wind pushing 

they voice through cracks in the mortar

wailing. no such tolerance

like everyone pulled together for 

all kinds of weather 

you got miscast who 

would fight for you? thrown on stage 

good luck remembering 

your lines     #katyamills

Tuesday 15 June 2021

heavy metals


staring at the wall again

they turned up the volume

zero calorie heavy 

metals to defend against they



Monday 14 June 2021

put ups from jellybean

on a day we cant get no 

breaks you gave me ups 

my jellybean. growin up got only

put downs. bass without

treble you gave 

me ups when i most 

needed  #katyamills

Bukowski's wife

she waited for him to get that out of his system

being loved being celebrated by the world

for his poems. finally. all the other women came and went

she could just as easily have felt scorned she

coulda chose not to be born she

got brave and some say stupid she loved him

for the rest of his days  #katyamills

vox perdu

woke up without her
devastated. how they gonna make it?
not knowing sign
or nothin

she had boxed up her songs
folded the arms and legs of little sayings
tongue in cheek

only a regimen of herbal tea
gratitude and salt water gargles would
bring her back



Friday 11 June 2021


they called you a loner they

thought of you 


every day of the week god

given to seek


made mainstream look 



Thursday 10 June 2021

pack of cigs

say you went from a pack a day to nil
traded away the shit you no longer
need dull knives old clothes
the speed. diabetes wanted your
eyes. smoke breaks upcycled into meditation
shadows given the light treatment they
could not take your vision



took the words from the margins

boiled them down and drank they

essence. lead from the pencil

kinda killed but worth every 

swallow   #katyamills

Tuesday 8 June 2021

before life

before life

they found refuge in film and music and books

withdrawn from the world



when they awoke

living became the premier



Monday 7 June 2021

spell of ablation

they cast a spell 2 undo

all the pretense 

made of crushed pearl

okinawa tea

unrelenting pressure 

earth wind and



Sunday 6 June 2021


moving towards 

on phones with cords we 

wanna be okay but we 


mobile hotspots 

hooked up with all the bars

then out of touch 

again. traveling up the stitchwork 

of our scars

umbilical we anticipate 

gettin cut


Saturday 5 June 2021


the call came in at 444 

half the way out the door they

answered in a rainbow frame of mind

happier than hell 4 the big gruff voice

underneath it all someone cared 

they still cursed him out

for insulting they friend

he apologized from the top of cloud 

nine   #katyamills

Friday 4 June 2021

0400 yum

shell station 

0400 hours in my

army green tights 

friday morning 

got you laughing @ the coffee island

sipping machine 

made hot chocolate 

in slippers humming 



Thursday 3 June 2021

like pressure makes diamonds

up all night i remember us

survival turns seconds into minutes

sealed inside like pressure creates 

an equilibrium by which we

can roll. time got nothing on us

the city still and quiet makes

diamonds. we meet in the park after

dawn   #katyamills

Wednesday 2 June 2021

single mom

looking for meaning

cooking and cleaning

down to protect this

fighting off xxxxx's 

smile may be forced 

4 you and your



for hours 

she could not fall asleep 

he trying to keep his brother off

the streets we going to work every day they 

take time to truly listen you 

got something to say? 

what time what? 

say it!