Saturday 30 April 2022


a kinship formed during our time of hardship. grieving those we lost. each day precipitated new possibility. conscious expansion tumbled over the land from stream to river and out into ocean and full light spectrum. we anticipated our time together joyfully.


another understanding that defies all confusion

escalations in rent. fighting over gasoline and who was to pay...i became concerned. i gave you the numbers. though confused in our minds we need not be for we are all made up in the heart


photograph from a time long long ago

living off the land
you and your cousin 
captured for eternity
young men astride horses 
centered between generations
in the frame on the wall 
were you more happy
than sad? the question
had no answer even when
you were alive


Friday 29 April 2022


we went to bumble to find bffs. our talks were getting cold. the bffs took our energy and spent it. the sky fills were colorful and platonic which reduced the risk of harm. the water sexy and potable. rainbows appeared and decided to stick around. we wrung our hearts with joy, there being no end



seeing the vision in the Ukrainians

the volunteers the photojournalists 

hope is restored. a country fights

for the values by which it came to exist!

that's sacred. still. it's war and

hope is also decimated


Thursday 28 April 2022


there's a special home in hell

for the critic who tears an artist to shreds

there's a in-law unit on the same property

for those who promote book banning

 suppression and censorship


Sunday 24 April 2022


packaged pretty with seduction
oversalted with scent and firm hold spray
they was a spy from Saturn. i could tell
by the porous shadow

i invited them 2 tea
through google translate i apologized
4 the condition of the planet and

appeased them with Hollywood
and Bollywood icons


profile of a rainmaker. 1950

what with his fancy suits and rolodex he

brought all kinds of business to the firm and great parties

and for that he was appreciated in NYC

yet nobody knew how he truly felt about anything

and the only evidence he had he belonged

was a pulse


the meadow

walking in a meadow in spring

better than any experience society could have thought up 

and charged for


cost of dying

due to the cost of living

we cannot afford funerals

so whatever you do

don't die


april 25

the kid at dutch bros this morning handed me my annihilator with light ice. i asked: how are you? i had a dream last night, he said. i was back in high school, late for a physics exam on chapter 5, and my ride fell through. i offered him a quick interpretation of the dream. i hate you! he said, i don't want to know anything about myself!


modesto ash

deeply cut 
mangled by the bastards 
we thought they killed you
in the fall 

oh magnificent ash of modesto
muscular stumps reaching for the wires 
and sky

deeply hurt
my man was blazing mad he
lashed out at the foreman 
all winter they 

in the spring
you showed new life and
there was peace


Saturday 23 April 2022

society high

society refused 

the likes of you and me

too bad for society. high but not whole


by the difference


Friday 22 April 2022


when the worry turns
2 catastrophes which cannot be
panic on the lonely road
the fear of fear this cannot be
heart pounding chills 
time slows down
you cannot breathe
it cannot be

cup your hands
for some small rhythm
in panning the motion slow
for gold. move against the grain
my love counter clock
wise until panic sets
you free



Thursday 21 April 2022

body by sofia

sunshine today and body by sofia. old king charles spaniel pedigree. a hefty gal with heavy action on the shaggy tail wag and plenty of bark. only bites in service to ye olde belly at mealtime. she comes up to our harley without any fear of the pipes. likely dampened by the hardness of hearing. eye level where tire meets spoke. daddy calling out with care at the tip of the cane  #katyamills

Wednesday 20 April 2022

april 20

the roosters the dogs the cats
toll the time
they fight for their lives
we get into our wheels we
run to our hearts 


Tuesday 19 April 2022

Biltmore 1946

the sun sets on the Tahoe Biltmore 

another hotel casino shuttered in Crystal Bay, Nevada

please look out for Mary 

the cabaret dancer from the Aspen Room who 

lost her life on Mount Rose Highway

her restless spirit wanders




Saturday 16 April 2022

hostile takeover

resting in a meadow 
on a day only god could cook up 
the poorest being on earth
became the wealthiest man 



we wait under a spotlight

identification cards belly up on the table 

electroshock cardiograms register nothing 

reading this gatekeeper's addled heart

and mind

our boots have steel toes

we know our damn rights


low key in love

drawn at the reach of the sun 
high off a glance from the full pink moon we were
low key in love
mid december south 
of mars


Friday 15 April 2022

good friday

we decided on mint chip
made from almonds

we licked our feelings off the spoon 
the silver reflected
a pink full 

we low key felt good



some own

some rent or cannot

rent they have no 

home. they do not own they 

are not owned 

the libraries the squares

the public places

the community 

the world is



Monday 11 April 2022


a dynamic and fogcutting roast 

followed organic wheat toast

into the belly of one nation

under god. indivisible. with liberty 

and justice 4 some if not

all      #katyamills

cover story

legislators toured the brackish waters

quickly worked up a bill of rights 

the photo journalists brought microscopes 

to capture viable candidates

it was the fight against bacteria

paramecium for covers of time life space 

magazines and the nobel

prize    #katyamills

Ukraine - spotlight

a month ago they were creating videos 

by drone for family and friends and social medias

today they are key players

enlisted to locate and surveil the enemy

recording evidence of war crimes


Sunday 10 April 2022

gold box tickets

 they say it kills the feet of crows

i applied it round my eyes and nose 

so to go with my beau to the show

presenting the gold box tickets we

won in a contest we never entered 

held by a pizza chain we had

not heard of   #katyamills

Saturday 9 April 2022

patron saint of fast fashion

after the dance these fabrics dissolve

and like your threadbare arguments they 

thin into the wind

someones gonna be locked out 

of the heart again degraded 

like oil


Thursday 7 April 2022

i let my emotions free 

they ate up all the cake they

drank the boba tea

we were not invited

back and they talked about us 



Saturday 2 April 2022


rumination was a book labelled dnf

i dropped a gear and gripped the throttle

got the hell out of that small town

cubic centimeters pulled all the thoughts away they

got tore up like roadkill

my mind made space 4 all diverse 




rarely to never at a loss for words

i find it kinda funny. must be a distant cousin 

of trauma. i laugh out loud 

in the company of strangers