Sunday 25 November 2018


my friend who turned me on to  oolong and told me how his family in Laos used to pack the tea in bamboo pipes, shared how they came to America in the late 1970s. his father was enlisted as a soldier in service to his country and king. Laos sided with the USA during the Cold War and soldiers were assigned 100:1 under CIA operatives. These farmers were trained to shoot and trap and survive for weeks without food. His father was sent across the border to China where he tapped phone lines on orders of the king. After Vietnam, when the US pulled out of the region, they brought my friend's family and thousands of others to live in the States where they would be safe from almost certain death.

Friday 23 November 2018

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Wednesday 21 November 2018

still on a moving freeway

6pm. weeknight. seeing red. gone still in the center of an interstate. no one knows this place like i do. ground is polished smooth like marble. i can find my way home by sea glass in the stone.


i give thanks to god for all what makes my day to day more than okay. my love. my health. my cats. my work. my family. coffee. tea. my friends. the california sun. the moon. the freedom to express myself in any small way.

life is mostly wonderful

i wanna say how grateful i am. what a wonderful life. today is gonna see rain in a dry land. what could be more welcome than tears to a hardened, willful visage?

turn on

makes me happy to turn a friend on to writing a blog. anyone whose been disenfranchised or marginalized, who cannot contribute to their community through mainstream channels, may benefit by one. the last person i turned on told me a week later what it has done for him. for several hours after i post, he said, i feel good. like ive accomplished something important. i have six followers too.

coffee vs tea

i got turned on to some oolong tea by my coworker. he shared how his family used to harvest it back in China, they packed it in bamboo pipes after boiling it and mashing it to death. for life. the pipes were stored up in the roof and the tea would last indefinitely. the story was so powerful i have forsaken coffee for several days now. this is almost unheard of.

Monday 19 November 2018


holidays are here and i do not wish to crash. try not to overindulge in sugar and sweets. i wanna good effort going in the right direction. best to keep reading and writing.

Tuesday 6 November 2018

internalize stigma

what if all the ones with foul mouths for an expression you made suddenly had to internalize their own externalized stigma? imagine all the people. living under the same weight you suffer through and carry on.

tall green tea

I revisited the day and crushed on strangers. what with my tall iced green tea in a local café.


you opted out of the
midterm elections how
can I love without raising
I vote for you and me our