Wednesday 30 June 2010

Being there... the immediacy

life is happening all around me...i cannot think of a better way to describe its immediacy. my little life, twenty ten, than to give it to you. us all. immediate. and RAW. which can be so immaculately whole like hard boiled egg
like apple
like feelings
like love
like suffering
the dialectic. the infusion one through other...approximate sublimation.
close to devotion. closer to helplessness. decidedly unitive. salient. piercing even!
this experience...

in a blender

gotta capture this. the chemistry. deliver it in white delicate wrappings
like birds wings, yet stronger. and more revealing of  true nature

not my words! haha. now you know im ready, youre ready
like the space shuttle liftoff.
everything attuned
 about to
catch fire!

below read a letter i wrote to a sister living in a bottle lately and incommunicado. i suffer her absence in my life. its loud. its empty. today she called twice. left one voicemail. breathless. suffering. unable to wrap her mind around her lips to enunciation. living in bottles. big glass ones probably. little brown transparency of LizTaylors trademark lifespan standby, or so they say. my friend, my sister, she is also my liztaylor in my life. and we love Elizabeth, we cherish her. we can hardly stand you if you do not. that kind of fierce pact. like Bette Davis and just so cracked. stay with me.

stay with me now, come on, focus. you can do this, sweetie. i know its hard. but its compelling, too! i know you feel this too. the insanities. the frothy stirrings of lifes quicksand bottomed, magnolia laced, the lazy hanging live moss of confederate tinged graveyard. maybe wiccan in ritual. or pagan in practice. past lives must connect with this. otherwise i wouldnt say so. the bs factor should be minimal, my dear. every fabrication = bs factor sunk deeper. it fills the space so well, doesnt it, my hypervigilant scrawl? can you sense the desperation? understood via your phone call.

drastic is the field, assessed. off center, off plane, irrhythmia set to complacent. the dying seed is nascent, in your big giant heart, my friend. you are vulnerable.  Only you know what must yield!
for me its like dipping the little toe, into some sketchy life of kindreds... maybe Faulkner, maybe Poe.

intoxicating. commence internally, without sound the plane is shifted.
we get closer, to elevated intimacy status: watermark lily (upgrade from pale ).
early film divas we are again, with style. with grace. we can own any sudden place.
focus now, see us. wrapped in white transparencies...non-denominational...
non-violent...naturally momentous

Clear the channel. Breathe again. you with me? i know its different. dont get confused. we are here. all is well, all is clear if not linear. belly full. dream of cinotaur. Open crown chakra to sky. Open soles of feet to earth. Posture, please! now... run that energy, girl. lady. soul. now send it! the letter. the manifest. the letting be known of humble and devoted presence. two way street communicado!  (a step evolved from roosevelt-circled radio)

disintegrate = incommunicado
emanate simple sugar of compassion
now liftoff
feel the passion
end without end
evolved from on-and-off

 Sweet spirals spiraling!
without end

Dear D, 
so what if your life is at risk?
your medical situation?
it feels to me in my sixth sense that you are medically on the verge
are you really ready to cross over?
i dont want you to!
im selfish i guess.
sometimes you are too, remember?
when you dont want me to!
this i confess 

but this feels critical.
do you even check your email anymore?
do you eat? do you think about your plan? what is it?
your son. your daughter. your people. they need you.
i think so.
i think you think so,
is what i mean, sweetie.

i dont think you should go!
must i really really say so?

if you did decide to go,
the possibilities exists
to be exhausted
not to daydream or fuck around!
(the things you people think! Aries vs Aquarius,
then tagteam Aries to Leo)
i will know your moves

how about
going with some dignity? some love of self?
life as preparation for death,
not some kinda lower life cause or attachment to bottles
no pollution, eh? come on now, sister!
im not your sister because we are petty or weak
we are empowered individually! collectively!

you know of which i speak

i send you my love to survive through this and learn
increase wax awareness
get bigger than
turn emergency
into emergence

i love you. i love we
and will love us to death
if i cannot love us
back to life, goddamn!

all my heart,

Tuesday 29 June 2010

hate to stare....or the yawn of some gray morning

Dont think i dont love you, dont think i dont care, i just hate hating you...but i love to stare. Remember how it is in the future? When temporal division takes over, in the dark of light year? the flower in your hair, its petals turned to strands, and all the buts became ands? This was the eclipse of the moon by the sun, and the darkness of the light, the light the air hung! made my skin bump up and touch into aura, the colors may be faded but the wear is so touching, like the little girl who lost her mom, left with emerald handbag shes clutching. the far away blankness of empty egg whites, in some diner in Appalachia, the waitresses in tights.

I can say today the magnificence is just what it ought to be, of life and energetic movement, post some weekend long lethargy. I can say today my eyes are faded, soft-focused to blur out, when meditative states make the visual channel superfluous. the blind, losing sight, enter liquid tunnels and surf through this. Santa Monica no doubt is a mystery meeting of water and earth. dangerous at the junction, lives lost under the wharf.

Let us not talk now of death and life. Let us now live and live thoroughly. Crushing on each other. Like alaska crushes mercury or napa crushes grapes...lets go retro for a sec and reconstruct all our old mixtapes. Playing the music, feeling it so, rising in altitude, san francisco, toronto. The star and the maple leaf, this is what divides us. Why not take the two, mix with the color blue, rewrite history to complete the americas.... star maple the tree from which we derive sustenance. the deciduous iconography spread over unadulterated geography....tap into the syrup, the color of mahogany.

the solid foundation of air, maybe spirit? the liquid cool we all feel, united as one, never stop shining, sun magnifying, borders fading, dying! whats next? embracing dear mexico? serenading Juarez, on our knees crying? begging for life, the more that we need it. all the things we created, all the history repeated. and yet were still dying? oh wait dont you know? theres this guy named Siddartha, was a one man kinda show! no, not Jesus, are you kidding? much better skin tone. you cant have tantric sex, over cellular phone.

wait this irreverence is beyond past the pale! i knew the merger of USA and Canada would fail! the moral code got soaked and ruined! all the corporations? non-profit! how we once spoke too brazenly, we now speak so softly! the maple leaf has rounded the edges of stars! its like losing cuban in front of cigars! the international community? forget it! you know they will laugh at us. hockey ratings will skyrocket. cold rain wind and rust. think of the consequences. fleur de lis will mix with the darkness of american suicidal hardcore punk rock goddesses.

the dawn of the new north american trip? get a grip on your weak necromantic bulimia! what turns you on apparently taps into some subaccurate agenda. like turning revolutions of global spintheory, backward through the years, down to imploding absentia. you cant fill the emptiness with some kind of juicy body of plum, without risking half the fun of the space. emptiness is so open to possibility and evasive of chase! complete lacking of class, color, sex, or race! transparent world of biodiversity. preferable to junkyard of biocommercial decademocracy.

stop a while and empty your head of your thoughts, feelings, sensations. let it all go and feel yourself lighter. now suddenly your clarity connects you to universal, just a turn tighter. no more leaky faucets in your subcortex. the antidote simply achieved by streetscience 101...

be yourself in the world and then be done!

Wednesday 23 June 2010

she who walks deserts without water for days, when struck by lightning, pays

i liked to watch my back
my dance
my hobby

 i could spot
sentient scoundrels
in any building

i was quiet,
not quite disordered...

they arrived
my moods
in varied shade of green

i welcomed them
as the thirsty
welcome water
varied shades of blue...


open to talk to anybody
or drop, deafening silence...
on a nickel
on a dime

 i was usually first
to manifest
silent hesitation
when manifest ceased
before starting again

well its not so hard!
hold your tongue
press down hard!

i decided one day
as I came upon a crowd
to make a choice
to change
and amplify it!

The choice? is unrelated

chose not to delve into it
No need!
its sentimental!

okay, okay
it had to do with someone
i liked
-okay, loved-
you know?
the ones we wanted to be with

i followed this dream
far as my constitution could
to a place where dreams
resemble Hollywood

i found myself there
some new discovered space
food and warmth made for comfort
outside the human race

 i could not quite understand?
when i finally understood
mental clarity she arose!
out the gutter
out the ghetto
equipped with street science ph.d
from the hood
for freedom
not for free

just laundering
all lifes drama
in the spinning threads
of my mind

turned me a shade
more mellow
over time

i think it was the apples
turned my pee
such a frightful

i searched for solace
in a book on cosmos theory
yellow was marked 'second-tier'
somehow more evolved?

or was it gold?
or was it canary?
the theory
made me leery
in practice
i would read auras
in time
to be sure

in theory
made me weary

so good night
to one
good night
to all

walk away
down the hall

Friday 18 June 2010

tonight is written old or new

Tonight is written: eat whole orange. Avoid the tv the friends of yours, ignore the light box with all its darkness.  try not to hold your resentments. any longer. Soulgrabber nature of some situations, morbid as they are, must be understood in cold impersonal terms. There is no other way. To understand them. Try not to rest there too long. Sing a song. Let emotional mind channel into heart and hands. Let mind rest, if mind gets caliente hot. Catch internal preoccupations as they arise. Like butterflies scattering up from the net. watch them jet. Catch and release. Approaching winter...get down there in the basement and locate fleece. Down of geese. The kind your parents loved. When you thought they loved you too. And when they did. Remember them for a sec. Just a sec.

Just a sec or collapse a wreck. Blankets offer sensual warmth and lovely false security. Take it! Grab it to ya! Close your eyes & smile wide. Turn your body from side to side. Dance with yourself, goodness for your health. Thank goodness. Acknowledge evil. what is no good in the world. What exists and does harm. Shadow form. Against the mild winter rains of northern california territories.

Candles will be needed. Candles yes. Incense yes. for purpose of atmosphere regeneration, in any one room home. where one lived with one raccoon. Once upon a time. Once. Wait! Of this you will never know. It cannot be bought, cannot be shared. Intranslatable. Love insatiable. Raccoon and then there was silence. Felt like a great great weight, felt like violence.  Tjen turned to rain. Felt like sleep. And never the same. Became and became... and became.

Break out lottery ticket!This the ticket? Intuition lights up still. Waiting but somehow knowing. the megamillions 5 picks on the random tix. You feel an oncoming fix to your account...Cash cow comes alive and kix. No longer infected, antibiotically corrected.  like you played games for years. Following the stars through your fears.

Went like second nature to the liquor store. Asked for five seven nine seven four in some prearranged or preordained string theory kite store. Numbers you visualized then released to clerk in an unassuming way, like it was your ritual to play. Clerk gave you your stub with matte finish eyes to meet. You take it and tuck it away. Sugar sweet. Two toned orange with numbers printed in a blackish grey. A silk yellow pouch showed up in your mail.  Devastating return without end, without fail. And all that came to you when you came to? when the cash came through, all that came to you?

was treating your friends true. in this day and age. simple in the complications. thoughtfulness conveyed across the thousand thoughtless stations. When you gave doubt away, No one doubted you any more, not you not them, not any other nor. just naturally lined up behind you like the lines in cords. Taoism studies made this progression so clear, sort of going with the river, like an extension of tears.

We need expedient travel over water. I don’t know why. I dont know why my raccoon died?  I did not know why I gathered the people i did all around me, I hardly knew what to say. the falling tree fell not 100 yards away.  began our conversations. could have killed one of us probably. Pine needles given as reparations. bereavement followed the machinations.

material situation (earth) you find yourself in. Sweating on the bart train, morning commute. Have come to enjoy work. or life with work in it.  a fortunate motherfucker so long have u been! Conscious of this and conscious of sin. of sanity. of gin. powerful lucky indeed.  More conscious maybe. More painful, baby!  Eyes open. Red sometimes. Air pollution. Sadness...Up all night? no solution.

Badness. Rubbing eyes a pastime. Now in the past. Keep bringing it back, the mind. body. spirit. Altogether now. Dust it off. Polish it to shine. Stay right in the moment where they say all will be fine. But thats the future, no? where All is fine? finely attuned and anticipated? pour to drink, some old table wine. forget the future, the past. Align!

Right now in the moment. The train station. This is where we receive them, the signals and signs. We may misread them. Then dropped into the past, where conscious life gets trashed. Communication breaks down. Which is insignificant. Just a fact scribbled on the wall of your mind somewhere, and maybe yours. maybe not. Like a French cave drawing, outdated, carbon faded. Fact. Union represented. Permanently belated, never on time. Watch on the hand is purely for design, minute and second hands mated.

Today you are out of bounds, no self no lines no borders to cross! the moment, you start to like her! She holds your only evidence. witness to her makes you free to cleanse your soul and rinse. no cavities! The drip dry of your self esteem, leaves you light like linen fresh.  The harbor where the moment stays?  refuge for expressiveness. the choices you have right now? are all the choices needed. The little choices you make each second? really big! need not be repeated... to underline your life you live, this may be quite imperative!! You operate against advice,  eat exotic rice, so choose to move on when u wish, put thought on ice.

You  help yourself to frozen confections-- paleta guy has some selection. Just watch out for the central raisin.  terrible to taste. eat around it, so none goes to waste. of my horchata (pudding flavor yum!) today plan to get you some. The other plan is to work. But not too hard to stress u out. U want it even to fill your spirit. Then Connect for sure with someone who owns a gun. Like H.S. Thompson, gonzo in the mountains, ballistics just for fun. change. maybe give up an opening or light, in the dark dark day. Sun is up, but anyway. Unconscious shadow lurks in corners. Mirrors may be used to dispel bad aura. Read your Tarot cards for more information. Not your own, find someone silly. or just do it alone. Or with the psychic who wants your money really.

Honey its true! to make a living thats what they do. Give you what you want but not what you need. You give you. Ultimately it was your choice that planted that seed. Honestly we  need honesty, just like everyone else. With you, honest with you, you, and with them, them too. The lies may taste good, but so bad bad for the health.

Thursday 17 June 2010

4 eyes upon eyes upon eyes

What level?

she always asked
the many dice
gray like house mice
on the floor

Sound of die
striking tile
ritual crisp

all the while
soaking up
the steady focus
like felt
like ink
leaking down a map

black nile

he held up the question
til the pressure was too much
it rained down an answer
down on her
some art model
he had had
he had

maybe serious, may be desire?
the rain would explain
the rain

Nude but for rose
lingerie they chose
the querent
his lover

no other

level 4!
he would state
succinctly & finite
rolling his lips
round the R
rolling her eyes
round the room

three pair
house mice
six moon
cast dice

round the roundness
art models derriere...

round the rounded
perfection of emotionless
inflection ...

round about her
and the energies
made her feel
ill at ease & confused
the art model

Of the two who were talking
she repeated four
slightly mocking

the models eyes
she would catch
falling ever away...

Damn! she just did it! just now!
Do it again! Fall away!
the eyes!

 4 goodness!
4 give & 4get it
she will do it again

she laughed
to herself
he missed it, so blind
so focused
no mind

pay no mind
no mind!

he was included
she extolled him
pressed & dispersed
(the feeling)
never told him

He undressed her
with decisive

washing over her face
he pressed
her eyelids like petals

her lashes
like parasols
fan down
cross her thighs

he lifts her up
from behind
by hands on her hips

quickly this time
like pluck of tulip

she becomes her sighs

level 4, in room 5
(a secret 4
gentlemen of
world and wide)
known 4

cessation of love

holding form

dont u fucking move!

the moment
the tears
sought after
the years

get lost
one upon
the other
when one
always chasin

the tough
young girls
with elaborate

intricate colors
of I's

level 4
thats where...

they become their sighs

become their sighs
their sighs

eyes upon



Friday 11 June 2010

girl without borders [#777, #44 unknown text, unknown author]

#777, #44.... "TO really appreciate the experience? maybe you gotta B of your experience.
i know transition. change. evolution.  i was once out hitting streets about, scuffling my heels downtown. wheels were history. static is less painful. static is without blisters, see?"

detached was our community, when the words spoke to us. folks made walls around their families. went stealth with impunity. no appearances, no sightings. no floral colored post cards, no invitings. no need for excuses in writing, see. sharing was a dirty word, like communism, like turd. we really really enjoyed sharing. cause feels like sounds like tastes like caring .

but we think we gonna leave it behind for good now? burned, taken, forsaken? have suffered systemic leaks of info?  a questioning circle of gossip, can this be so lethal? the spark that lit the flame, who was someone you thought you trust telling the wider circle some silly lies on you. based on info sourced from a contextual situation in the past... well, to put it bluntly, thats what got you trashed. reconfigured in the mind. down a notch from kind.

the ramifications in 3 month time had been minimal, U and your Lawyer defended yourselves quite clearly. focused on your strength of living and breathing without fear, see. the showcase of your outburst in the courtroom was exemplary! the way you prominently held the tibetan bowls, recitations of mantras broke the legal restraint, shook the justice controls. the defense of your lawyer in judges quarters, so eloquently depicted you, girl without borders .

we can stand behind you, yes. but internal ramifications have increased your suffering your pain, have they? as we never know if those around you who once had no doubt, may now be talking about you, still carrying about. anything to distract from their malnourishment, malnutrition, gout, and attrition. those who take the supernatural for superstition. who go back again to the deserted water hole, still fishing, still fishing. studying U like they have caught some doing out of the corner of the eye.

we relate deeply to what you said about the downside of self-awareness. we found nothing in our wisdom literature, nothing to compare to this! your talk of the subtle threat coming from people who radiate fear of other type fear, not otherwise specified year to year, label to label, like fearing tv expands to fearing tv expansion into cable. the web of misinformation (they worry) would discriminate and outcast and hate crime their values. malware created and displacing them, unlacing them, discarding them, mal-used!

You! and actually U do in a way that we sense.  dance the way we dance. discovered by a dear friend of psychic capability, you widely became the one and complementary force -- of mystical ability…which we can only understand as a hypersensitivity to energies? as we see shine and reflect and glow about your aura...and ours, too! which makes us conducive to deep interpersonal connection! see verse #777, line #44, the reflection of the section of the truth you lay out. but more fascinating to us, the doubts! heres whatyou manifest. that which touched us, connected us, & so forth & so on --- going on & on and such & such...

#777, #44, of unknown text & author, in the context of aforementioned space, some 22nd century touched by sentient race..... 

at the same time vulnerable to various waves of fear, dislike, discomfort, hate, anger, negativity. this makes my life an energy drain sometimes and i look to find ways to enhance my energy all the time. exercise and this kind of soul-pouring. to heal.  and truth stand out as some of the best way to travel behind. of healing self, type, character, and kind. so to then carry said powers to the suffering people, in suffering hours.  in a time of midtone gray, like a whole bed of sunkissed flowers.  i am certain i am not sane.  traveled far and without borders. few regrets, few desires. surrounded most times by haters, by liars.  yet surprisingly more certain of self. uninfluenced by superfluous wealth. well, untouched, lets say. so not to get carried away by superlatives. exemplify the complicated truth in compact simple pearls. to give...  to a measure most people leave up to dreams to fill in.   proud of the great courage -- to become... still often confused how to repattern. biopsychosocial continuum.  aka experience. often feeling alone. 

easy to love, easy to try --- easy to live, easy to die.   try and give like U try and for-give. once we reach this common ground, we may forego the regular channels. the sound, the sight, the instincts of all animals.  vault to delicious new space of intimacy over time. impurities sucked out our wounds, by design. the deciduous circles, embedded and lined in the hems of our dresses. in our eyes? last nights honey caresses. to love life and live with a passion. i am so grateful yet sad for it all. i yearn to live in the mystery of our journey, i often live there, when things seem too big over here. too much, overwhelning. facades of benediction --- interiors simply smelling. and sometimes i wish it would end, all the pain. i hate to say so, i disdain. but what we hate to say sometimes must ve said. else we never may wake up the dead...well, the sleeping... the preservative-laden inflexible records kept by the keeping. 

the love comforts the pain away, so far. yet even the end of life is not an end! who you believe to B your greatest enemy? seen differently ...your greatest friend! so i B not afraid of what may happen in the dangerous waters of the world. B not afraid, boys, B not afraid, girls. stay one step ahead of any hater. via your heart, fully shown, disable fader. though the stress and panic may expose. remember always the choice that U chose. sometimes of ongoing attempts to undivide all flow.

with the cultural river coming up behind me, i wore my feeling thin and sexy. like the Velveteen, worn the way worn is meant to B: free of stitching, without borders, and perilously flexy. CNS begins to shiver, just an eddy short of a river. mindful breathing the ground did deliver. tap into thanatos drawing arrow from the quiver. shoot into heart of sun, to kick in the GABA, watch the heat subside and calm the nerves...
 a semblance of comfort, she serves...
twilight falling upon the land...
shadows cast cross the sand...
on a lucky day by the stars...
brought about by hand...
sweet solace

Monday 7 June 2010

the shallows dropped off, suddenly... softly. all became deep & true

what endured
but was it pure?

mixed up 4 all elements
brought together
in a fearless kind of global spins you roundtable
fireside chat
sort of acquaintance

this was caliente
it was hot!
if you looked at it softly
chills you got!

the hardliners held perimeter
there where they would stay

used to support
the boundary lines
all night
every day

without knowing
they could never touch us
 nor our designs, no!

what we created
passed on
worn and faded
so well known!

children imprinted them
now sew them together
figured them out (so clever!)
children draw near to them in
inclement weather

yet those hardliners with
firewalls well coded
and decorated
to dismantle
or to expose this
that or other

(come times between sister
and her brother)

well we knew!
well we wished
this no more!

the looks on their faces!
when waterwalls
were they faced with
poured to fill empty
and steely
cold faces!

songs from hearts
(and eyes!)

the hard spots
wash away
its uncommonly so
their gray tones replaced
by a warm
silver glow

the old become young
and with them united
in small chores shared through
deep comforts they

strange music
now known
to those so alone
they forgot all language
all but

remember (if you may!)
the softened hard liner
so U do
the softliner is how hes known
2 U & U 2

who turned back towards
his true love
with resolve
yes, to find her
(hard became soft,

now will you
for your own
love of self
love of good
love of health!

what you felt
you feel
you sensed
you suffer!

let intensity
of candle flame
burn on!
through dark night
through U

open eyes!
turn palms!
upward facing
carry light!

see the truth
she lies beyond
alloted sense!
given sight!

then let her live
and burn inside you
for now
4 all
for ever...

all those gone
against you
gone astray
lost who lost
lost the way

find 2 forgive them
who lost
my dear
my day!

find in U
4 them
who lost
who lost
the way

do it 4all 4ever
do it if u can now!
and away!
lose yourself
in 4giveness

4ever and

Thursday 3 June 2010


this was the morning after the night after the day that ran you ragged, the morning after the night he lit your lights up, detangling all your broken ends and lost wires that never quite fit your cell phone charge girl.

 if you follow some worthwhile philosophy, speak your mantra in clear soft tones then let them fall from the heights and ossify -- bleached bones knockin the floor to tell the veritable hardknock lifer you gotta exercise to feel good, man, it aint that hard to decipher. if youre gonna be a lifer, be a lifer,afterall. walkyour ass a mile or two, winter spring, summer and fall.

this was the predawn fab of sunrise mentality. this is at this moment our parfait reality. scream out your lungs and whip ice cream with tongues. the good sun he cometh, with that old vitamin-D-play. you feel it while breathing the hell out your lungs. 'its gonna be good today, its gotta b great!'

state your purpose, your claim, state your city and zip code. your street avenue circle, garden terrace or plain road. leave the frog sweatin plastic on rivers bombastic, kiss the toad for the curse, to free yourself from brainwash plaster. the plastic all around you is simply just fake, may feel so convenient like curing throat cancer via trache. until you gotta push buttons just to hear a voice not your own, your twice removed from your soul and cant get one on loan.

the capitalist mayhem is fighting itself, persisting, resisting , and not quite so top shelf as U touted S curve A subtle high fructose corn syrup in 16% juice fusion. the water costs more now, you know why? cause its rare...the corn syrup epidemic has become that one thing to fear. its everywhere, check your raincoat, your ashtray, your ear...your whole system cache runs on corn syrup, did u know that my dear?

today lets all pray for those poor rich corn growers, who rotated out of all diverse true crops to chase a fad down the street. like we could only find milk from one single little teat? nonsense! but its played out. worn ragged til it fade out, this mindless fad crunching cocktail. masses run so fast, only to lose the race to some snailmail. email feels burdensome, a letter is rare. you know thats the truth, come on now, play fair!

you wont, damn old system, your eco non-friendly. you capture our consumption, then you treat us as enemies. the malware evoked by your very omnipresence. a capitalist rumor got its momentum on sugar substitution. a decade they would have thought it crazy, white sand kids b boosting?? why not steal a handsfree or some other new tech contribution? atleast when they catch u it wont be redhanded. you may still get jacked up on charges, delineated- redhandsfree.

just like the system took FREE and just owned it. anywhere you look , someones got their wallet to pay the price at the free sign. the banner lured them in, the salesman threw the pitch. free now you can hardly afford it! aint that a bitch? sugar on deck to get taken over, yes,possessed. exception: the mexican coke still has the real deal at your local taqueria. jammed up the sugar, made it look more attractive, a makeover by default--- the competitors are plastic. check out splenda, yellow coward, when she breaks it down we see, just like Equal and nutrasweet shes a one trick sweetener to avoid. to even sell that crap they needed psychological consultants, they conjured up Sigmund Freud.

sex is all of everything to base it all on, he said, after a taste test of sweeteners. the powerpoint Sigmund laid down was cluttered with porn. adult friend finder, he said, does not work well at high weights. sell your crap sweeteners as diet helpers, goes a long way towards a date. (this lifted some eyes in the boardrooms starched shirts) no other way to market it, i tell you all right now, heres a story before i go. dont doubt me, im never wrong, dont ask Jung hes no good. im the father of psychology, lets face it, i run this hood.

the superego met the id, according to his story, in the supermarket aisle, maybe safeway, maybe not. in the context of the meeting, it would not matter alot. superego met the id? yes it did, yes it did. (if it werent sigmund freud telling it, we would have canned it, dropped a lid. ) in the aisle full of cereal full of sugar for your kid. the id grabbed the oatbran instinctively, you see, the superego went for sugar, im sure thats plain to say as to see.

the story ended so abruptly as Freud dissolved in air. the weight of starched eyeballs was respnsible. no one cared. free association was a thing of the past. in modern corporate america, association costs money, networking = cash.

 the unconscious faced thec conscious, in an empty cold stare. the boardroom was symbolic of a house... of cards in collective...archetyped truth or dare. cause everyone got it and Freud was so right. the sugars trumped up narcotic, propped up in marketing gloss. adware trite. nutrition was the real end to the search for something good!!!! this was the takeaway and they took it, left nothing behind, not even the board, just the room. well that was something,  in futuretime real estate boom.

so next time youre hungry, hit the plain jane oatbran. youll find in your hood. the stuff you dont want has become the only stuff thats any good. (unless were talking about i phones,, you gotta get an iphone. can someone write an exception clause please? maybe an admin assistant? shit! wheres the disclaimer? we forgot the disclaimer. legals gonna have our heads.

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