Friday 30 April 2021

olympia wa

stopped in olympia late

afternoon tank of gas bottoming out

rusty dome of the capital 

crested the tree line

the road climbed then descended

to a main drag of weathered storefronts 

early not late model 


we fell a little in love 


bs got cut

all the gods

descending from the sky

live as vagabonds

cutting bs with a blade 

tangential 2 the skin

carve they names

from the outside 

in   #katyamills

Wednesday 28 April 2021


blood in the urine they

thought they may

die 1.4 liters kombucha

to kill a uti. how come death  

did not sound so terrible 




submerged in vodka fallen

ona plastic sword 


miasma of garlic

and capers they 

brokered a deal for 


all the 

colored lights whirling 

around this fishbowl 

carnival some called




the birds gave up 

stopped singing they

mulled about their nests 

feathered up and tucked

in. lost in a doomscroll

from hell my phone 

was chirping about

something i friendless

tuned out 


cat on a cold sushi roll

 i was stretching my wrist out

twirling the cat on the sushi roll

round and round and round

a random day off. the work

was slowly killing me one screen

at a time. you told me when

you closed your eyes and listened

to me typing you thought of all the

crazy shit must be going through

my mind #katyamills

Monday 26 April 2021

seattle. early spring

glass rises up from the waterfront and you and me
we are specks. i am drawn to higher ground with recollections of cities i've known
we stop for a breath looking down on the ships in the sound  
your hair the color mermaid i grab your hand. i must not let go
you yearn to return to the sea       #katyamills

Friday 23 April 2021


life will always be a tragedy will

always be a comedy. may it be the most dramatic 

breathless thing you've ever known 

and go down fighting


Thursday 22 April 2021

heart out

life is a one way 

ticket outta

town - so - we may as well live

from the heart



Wednesday 21 April 2021

the book nobody read

the book nobody read lived in a cell inside they head
the defense for freedom argued nobody will be harmed
but the words got in the way     #katyamills

Tuesday 20 April 2021


a murder of crows landed 

in the birch south of the second 

story window. we crouched 

like tigers aperture wide with 

teeth. i'm dead


Monday 19 April 2021

lost in cityscapes

in between dreams i had gone for a pee

then fell back under

my arm wrapped around you

palm pressed into your belly


i found myself again lost in cityscapes 

only this time your 

cat eyes beside me softened 

the searching



death of a publisher

without you

we keep writing

on a spare wheel empty tank 

stormy night without a windshield 

broken headlight

no spare change in enemy



Saturday 17 April 2021

retail paradise

how i fight 

the urge to overspend

depositing myself in retail 

paradise how very



Friday 16 April 2021


so you like 
slow cars 
and silence 
living alone
no tv
no kids
so you got
strong meds
no voices no 

so you got 
somethin 2 
say what 
is it?


Thursday 15 April 2021



coffee and

classical music 

i must be thoughtless


for worlds come

into view


Wednesday 14 April 2021

joie de vivre

on the roughest days they

turned up the radio 

hoping joie de vivre might 

rub off. the no knock warrants of mood 

and memory 

how lucky

to be alive


Tuesday 13 April 2021

life after cancel

long days on the beach

picking fights with invertebrates 

up and down like a sandpiper

marking the shoreline

erased by the tides


Monday 12 April 2021

levee road

the heat threatening 
shopping carts pushed
into the canal geese 
hissing we walk the levee
fortified in 1850 after 
the last great flood now
become a road and 
we don't care we
don't scare


Sunday 11 April 2021


out from under

hundreds of miles of cassette tape

and wires. useless and bound by 

an ethos of noninclusivity they

patched it together they

sang they own wobbly

song til someone 

came around


Saturday 10 April 2021


composing worlds in solitude

what a way of seeing something missing

bringing into being what

you seeing

they can go there 

all who belong


Friday 9 April 2021

the prince is dead

beholden to the union jack they

cried the prince is dead! 

nobody could recall the day

a child was born with a royal

stake. the screenagers in great piety  

dropped phones and made a vape tornado 

to celebrate the deceased 

the end of life leased


Thursday 8 April 2021

in the wake of the British exit

and covid lockdown Belfast began to immolate

rocks and petrol bombs the 

working class weapons

a few hundred years 

ago we dumped their tea in protest

of tariffs we could not get the redcoats to

to leave


Wednesday 7 April 2021


mineral green her eyes

the color of the river

Nile. over middle earth 

to the sea she moved 

the world in sultry 



Tuesday 6 April 2021

once upon a time in april

we got free phones free

shots in the arms waiting 

in lines. we got sun rays we got fools 

days without showers we

got flowers   #katyamills

off the coast of friendship

we could tell the future
by the birds gone quiet
a change in the winds
our energy jumped
full of dread we shouted out!
like we gonna perish

then the storm subsided
left our faces wet and salty
lush and flush 4 the sunshine


Monday 5 April 2021


solitary horn opens the cathedral

8am. stained glass dove etched

in the dome. weary-eyed bishop

golden marked robes. you can't have 

communion if you ain't a saint and 

who wants to be anyway


Saturday 3 April 2021


known more 

4 the absence of faith

than faith

they followed a feeling

bought a taco

4 a hungry



Friday 2 April 2021

blanco y

grew up white ina world 

where nobody hurt you like 

you hurt yourself where if you

got any color and spirit you 

got beat down now how can it be 

any wonder in the world 

today white is unpopular 

distrusted despised? 


Thursday 1 April 2021


laserfiching with blueprints 

they mapped out grand plans

thanking all gods

they was trans