Monday 31 October 2022

in the fog

late at night

they come 

they travel down mountainsides

within water molecules 

by gravity

then rise up off the grassy banks 

as condensation to hover

low over the city 

the full moon witnesses

the harvest. the lost 



cycle 1

bending the river

we cycle through 

minds meandering

gears clicking

hearts pumping

thoughts and chains 




Saturday 29 October 2022

taking leave

the days they made up in the shadow of war

visiting friends in the country drinking wine 

lugged from France. leave lasted about as long 

as an echo of a song. back to marching across

Europe he stepped out of formation once

thinking of her of their favorite dance


Friday 28 October 2022

u turn

after the poison
left my blood
weakened i was
not yet dead

agonized by
the one who plotted
against me 

in ten days 
i turned

my breath 
my thoughts 
left resting 

my heart beats 
whose longing 

what you 
turn toward



the wishing well was full with well wishing
when it was sincere

the tallest trees leaned over us
the record spinning
throwing shade upon
the fear


dead of morning

one forlorn morning
zombies closing in
central market was depleted 
the many filters black and wet
with grounds

the town ran dry of coffee
we the people cannot believe
throwing manuscripts out windows
we follow and retrieve


Tuesday 25 October 2022


one way to start fresh on a piece of writing is not worry about anything. let the words go. care less of punctuation which can be righted in the editing phase. come back to it later. let the rhythm get top billing. storytelling gets VIP treatment. this is a free write so let it be free.  #katyamills

Monday 24 October 2022

she watched everything unfold

with a nonjudgmental eye

the world flipping channels

addicted to celebrity worship murder porn 

character assassination

she had a terrible habit when bored

indulging other's opinions

forgive me

she announced

i have to go and define



Sunday 23 October 2022

lost to sea

in a vessel constructed by hand

they faced the mighty sea alone

the sails they sewn to withstand

hundred knot winds blown 

past the limits of good faith 

across the monochrome

lashed to the wheel by a knotted sheet

they piloted through a seven day storm 

no sleep no sleep until it dialed down

salted air and foam lodged within 

the corrugated bone

they untethered too soon

a misstep any good sailor could take

to make the much needed repairs

high up on the mainsail mast 

when taken by a gust and forever

lost to sea


Saturday 22 October 2022

ultra tons of glitter and glue

their opinions 

dragged on inside her skull for years

carrying the tune until

one forlorn day

she picked up a despondent note

by the handle

stuck it with ultra tons

of glitter and glue

crafted an off key

to unlock her super



the i that was not

you said 

you carried conversations in your head with me like i was there

when i was not

you said i said 

i love you

i kissed your head i said 

the i that was not i was true 

because i do


go gentle into waking

with terrifying promise 

fall's early darkness 

raised mushrooms and flowers black

alongside creatures

conceived by lifeless

ground. needless of the sun



Tuesday 18 October 2022

like a stranger


you burned me again

reigniting the past through your dirty broken 

magnifying lens


i turned away from this nonsense

and toward my aunt whom you told me

in the same breath


harboring the question

have you no heart? 

to me

you are like

a stranger


Monday 17 October 2022

sun 17 shine

the earth does all the heavy lifting
the sun just shines

leave the past in the past
where it was meant 
to be

let the future be unknown

today be like the sun 
let the earth do the lifting
stand up for yourself and 


Sunday 16 October 2022


the microclimates 

produced by particular social medias 

had an insalubrious effect

on them

they began to feel distant

the more they connect


in my mitochondria

i live with you 
you crossed into my mitochondria
when i was a kid 
and we are inextricably bound
at the cellular level
facing life together


you cannot have me you
cannot control me you
cannot silence me

i live for those dashed upon 
your rocky cape 
whose spirits can be heard
in one hundred knot winds
whispering oh! if i had but one more day
what i would do!  

the sun has risen
the day given
you cannot have my motivation
my inspiration my 

to live and fight
and love


ex boyfriend days

the chorus of i love yous
lost its charm

denatured by
your screaming voice
mails high CAPS

i dropped boots on
ground beneath your
truck and walked

rev the engine
shout me down
in your power

im gonna make it
on my own


waiting out a storm

by candlelight

the coffee strong 

the songs we joyfully butchered 

the night long 

our differences cast



Friday 14 October 2022

reception 1980

 static on our screen

in the attic

where they kept us

while they drank sang

played merry

we broke the rabbit 

ears thirsting for 


pushing the window

up on its ropes

we finally got it

diving into the snow



Wednesday 12 October 2022

King of Winchester

he was drunk again

waving it around like the King of Winchester

i made a dash to the fire 

while he fixed himself a vodka tonic

closed the flue and 

smoked him



Tuesday 11 October 2022

ten eleven

again and again

i fought my way out of a bottle

behind wings of paper you

rocked with the train along the tracks 

peeking out at the not newsworthy

i am loved and that's why i 

keep fighting i keep



Monday 10 October 2022

ten nine born new

with apathy 
her eyes swallowed

waiting for that which was never 
going to happen

to fake the bland recycled sentiment 
the socially adopted 

she carved out her own language on 
a few non combative girls

fell out of reverie
into some awkward new 
born space



these heavy feelings

when i lack the strength to care 

set upon me 

kneeling there

they cannot stop my breath

from breathing my chest

from heaving

like an animal hunted

facing them i



Saturday 8 October 2022

without words


you got my hair 


nails colored so

they pop

dressed down and

up i am 

ready for the fall

without words

into your



Friday 7 October 2022

ten mid.riff seven

lights low

the sauce on simmer i

unlocked the front door

divulging my last secret for

you to revel 

in the midriff



Thursday 6 October 2022


it was hard to understand. she was carrying on about someone who had refused to apologize for what they had said or done to her. i was trying to listen. spelling her name in the moisture around the glass. my finger made for a terrible pen. there was too much ice and too much sour and not enough whiskey. she went on and on without a care. bartender? you know when it's not your problem and yet you can feel a certain way about it? that's how i felt: unloved. unloved like she was feeling unloved. but what's the big deal, really, to be unloved by another who is incapable of truly loving you?   #katyamills

Wednesday 5 October 2022


she wanted someone to blame. she wanted answers but there weren't any, you just had to press on. she had an urge to call up and bitch out the store manager, the manufacturer of the product, the mayor, anybody who would receive her anger and hopeless feeling. all she had left in the cupboard was a sleeve of saltine crackers and even they had taken on air. she felt dead inside. inflation had sapped them all. the phone rang and she did not answer. after a good cry she felt alive again. worth something. mark came over and rapped on her window. his name was so sudden. mark. let's get out of here. they walked to the park. he tried to cheer her up. i'll get you an ice cream. she couldn't stand the thought of anything milk related. stop it mark. you can't help me. it's hopeless. i'm a lost cause. he stood on his head until his face turned red and she laughed and laughed until she cried some more. 


Tuesday 4 October 2022


they awoke battered by terrors 

a humming heartbeat of a creature

by one eye vigilant of anything

moves speaks  

coffee before work

let the emotions run through the grinds

summoning any god to

get them through


Monday 3 October 2022


i walk the length of rivers 

i scour the search engines

post traumatic stressed i

never rest. descended from nobody

who kept the trains 

running on time


Sunday 2 October 2022

ten ten

nights lengthen 

the shadows thick and tangible

possess now those who owned them

some vitality ascends 

pulp of squash and pumpkin

arrows of geese piercing ponds

covered with scum

hope may our alliances strengthen

and lengthen too

otherwise we are 




sometimes you don't think you got anything to say but give it a try and it will come. like releasing a bull from a pen. storm out of there bucking, all the thoughts and feelings stored up over the years. a super sweet release and i would not stop for nothing, full bore, no breaks. no getting a glass of water or blowing a nose or answerin the phone. no stretching no standing up no looking away. gotta stay devoted to that cadence that rhythm, keep pressure on those keys ... and the headache soon abandoned the scene for somewhere else ... and the heaviness in the heart dissipated ... and the darkness behind the eyes finally gave way to light.    #katyamills