Monday 29 June 2020 dawn in america

nothing forced we
plot course let it take us
dawn in america. we were wrong we got right
my apartment an organic
living mess like the desk of a social worker on wednesday i
tried to take flight off the screen off the paper
now i'm grounded. stay still. chill
the time we got to spendin
you were the one. i couldn't care what they saw
the faded flags fly eyes
desert dry i could cry coffee
for all the sleep we lost
the sunrise. the 8th wonder
of the world


life before cars

i remember you years back. funny and loud
silence didn’t stand a chance

they expanded the freeway

now i cannot hear the birds
like they planned it

ten lanes now
the whole family out

bowling. an icy can of orange and two

tone shoes. big shiny ball ona slow roll

i got you in my head again. when you left

it was life before cars


Sunday 28 June 2020

thank these gods

these notifications surround us from
all sides chirping like new species of bird
fuk these ads between songs they
killin us. okay i
thank these gods for you sweet
heart keep your dreams alive on
sunday. covid 19 proliferates culture
gets canceled ok good or bad
we are young. a little hot
sometimes thats all


these dreams

feeling lost they
danced back into one
of a thousand worlds they
called home

lightning struck
through a dark web

they drank champagne
with a twist on a staple of twitter

now was time
to search themselves then
produce these


Friday 26 June 2020

snapshot 25

the sky is asking the
water running i
discard my early morning jeans
step into the
peach skin of apartments
the weave of baskets the
morning sun the
life of the



Thursday 25 June 2020

june 25

capture my imagination
provoke it. feed it beans and
rice and release it into
what's left of
the wild


Wednesday 24 June 2020

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Tuesday 23 June 2020


shooting the mouth off
another infraction rolled
up tight end over
end i gotta stop
to think

sometimes by light or water
beneath the wind whipped
trees the city speeds the violent
dust up of paper flying about 

by the koi pond in some
anaerobic muck the
beta swallows the
alpha. all is well


Monday 22 June 2020


i saw the law i
went outside. they searched me
they searched my car they
fined me cuffed me
locked me behind bars they
assaulted me made me feel stupid
ashamed hopeless and lost
consider me lucky they
never took my life


Sunday 21 June 2020


a skinhead ina truck ahead of me flying
beyond the limits drifted left hit the median
at thirty degrees bounced off
fender crumpled

brakes burning i thought it was over
for all of us. dirt from the shoulder rising
to meet the windshields
giving us flak

like nothin happened
we picked up speed and drove on
heartbeat tapering down

the trajectory of my life is not dissimilar
almost totaled

like nothing happened i go on
body demands coffee day and night
approaching fifty like i'm
twenty-five. takin flak. sense of purpose
no different than it was
back in ‘85 


june 21

slept for ten hours and would have
more but for hydraulics screaming
under weight of recycling beyond
the back door. dissociated after my sugar crash i
zoned out on credit karma
to witness the inevitable separation
of self from hard-earned


Friday 19 June 2020

snapshot 26

life is always 
changing hard to

temperature climbing
freestyle rhyming
cultures dubbed like sound
no longer willing
to be reduced
to a wheeze

statues standing in
stone motion cold

getting up i get
down to strike keys
dissing the

Thursday 18 June 2020


leading a protest against
emptiness i was
in need of SSRIs
held up by hairspray 
insides like jello
lookin sorry
played out
feelin neglected
relationships faded i
could not synch the
clocks i was checking
all the locks

i found my
own way out by god
that's life 

remix 2012


we were group thinking
rising in numbers 
exponential on the

then i saw you

detached. by the stairs. head
down shoe laces free
style blowing out
in some other

you lifted your eyes you
searched you extracted my heart
by a keyword

i would give up my cause
for you. unlock me
from the masses! the
pain is almost


Tuesday 16 June 2020

knock down drag

you were workin several shifts
holding it down. i was lifted hopin
this could hold up. you were
switchin gears then i tried
you and we had a knock down
drag out. the dogs left howling
in the yard. a playful sun hid
behind a cloud. then set the
sky on fire. i. you.
we all come down


Monday 15 June 2020


yesterday i got lost
on gen z emo
rap and cried about the lean
the purple the blue
they turned
before their time
came due

thank god
the music lives

Sunday 14 June 2020


life is sharp and ready
to cut

cat on my chest
pushing retracting

life is soft and
dreamy ona
sunday morning

the newsprint wants
to murder

so much to do
not enough time

the screens blinding

i would be lying if
i said i was


Saturday 13 June 2020

dream sequence

i am walking a bridge made of guitar
strings made of guts. over a gorge.
back in my hotel room there are lamps
in the bathtub. the place is ransacked and
i think it was me. sleep
i need sleep. no blankets no sheets just a
mattress on the ground. blood rushes
from a slit down my forearm. i am weak
no words to speak no tears upon my
cheek. nobody around. i pick up the old
phone wrap the cord around my arm
restless to remember your number. i call you.
the tone of each ring holds a promise.


Friday 12 June 2020

honestly i

so i lost it
what can i say
knuckles bleeding

they ran up on me
the thoughts rushing
my mind i had to ice a mf
hit me from

picked some flowers
for my momma on
my way home
depleted of color
looking for a sign
fixed on my cell
i cannot see
whats happening
to me

blue bells for
momma a monster
in my heart

don't wanna wash
this blood away

i lost it what
can i say


Thursday 11 June 2020

what was

the future arrived
maybe a loved one
 or two
you and me because
we knew
what was


Wednesday 10 June 2020

june 10

i see you on video you look so good
all airbrushed like that lemme give you
a virtual hug or a heart. will i see you
in real life and when? i filtered the audio so your
voice is crystal clear. calling from a stitch
in a switch. damn. the game
finally swallowed us.


Tuesday 9 June 2020


sparrows dip
wings and turn about
the gold fields

tent city at north
gate and sixteenth god
am i lucky

ridin wheels
over the american

exchangin words
at the fountain
gettin wet

thank you

spinnin hot
spokes shinin
in the sunlight

close to my

Monday 8 June 2020

june 8

the antidote to fear is and will always be courage
sacramento city

Sunday 7 June 2020

world without words

you will never add up
admonished the numbers

the letters formed into soft
words oh. ok. sorry and if you
say so

you must be calculating
to help us. precise.
do we have to spell
it out?

the letters went silent. they drafted
a non compete clause but the
numbers they just multiplied out
toward infinity

the letters they felt
useless. abandoned

then a question arose
how will we communicate
without us?

the numbers stopped
at a loss for

Saturday 6 June 2020


hong kong. never too far
from my thoughts

all the action in my country
where i am caught. and you
my sister. so far, far away i write this letter
if only to say

we love you
we will not let them bring you down
may we laugh and hold hands may we
fight this together

always be free in our

Friday 5 June 2020


the water comes to a boil
i measure out some grains
juan valdez to wake me up
coffee black on a full moon

friday. everyone lookin 4 an outlet
i got mine behind these


Thursday 4 June 2020

june 3

june. thunderstorms broken sleep
boarded up businesses and the national
guard scattered like buckshot all across town
the mindless dumb they thumbing their nose
pulling on straps full face smiling don't
care. under the window some
junky gone pale fishin for a vein
eyes fall back sunk in that old melody
shook up waiting for
the beat


cold city

sun touches the earth
the line becomes more
and more defined

a firmness in your belly
metallic taste on your tongue

little moons
running wide orbits 
circling you

the sun cool the ice
burning hot

the kids
sweeping up
after you

not everyone's gonna be
what the world wants
you to be

wiping the palms
off the glass you
wait for night
to forget


Tuesday 2 June 2020


we livestream through the
heat waves never touching we
walk the blocks like bandits

wearing masks wondering
what happened to the world we
once knew


Monday 1 June 2020

hope ina hopeless time

back to the liquor store

for another scratcher you
poured a cup of coffee at the gas
station walked out
of town on the train
tracks you recited in your head
the smile the cashier gave you
the balanced smile

all the hope you
ever had ina hopeless