Monday 31 August 2020


what i would give

these memories to

reclaim how our

hearts beat the



Sunday 30 August 2020


she was latin she was loud 

a mom and proud. they lost 

touch they cannot find her

probably got a new name

a grandchild. they rest

head on knees. the ones they 

loved they left behind and 

now they gone


Saturday 29 August 2020

mission #200

you left a pack of cigs in my car i 
don't know who you are i
left them on the bench on 
the east front of west sacramento walmart 
O two hundred hours
for you


Friday 28 August 2020


cotton blue curtain coins fall out our pockets ona black plastic seat jammed like flowers picked and slotted for our life together shot with two smiles beaming a trace of sadness behind profile kiss for the camera suddenly feels drunk


Thursday 27 August 2020


 every morning i turn her

wheels up tear a rag off

an old shirt and polish

my fuji. tighten every spoke 

turn the pedals run

the chain across a toothbrush

shine the reflectors. pray

to god today may i not be 



Wednesday 26 August 2020


 we played whist 

in the hospital waiting room

to take our mind 

off it

i gave all my 

tricks away

to see you



Tuesday 25 August 2020

mouth. 25

 how can i get close 

to this mouth full of politics how

can i love this head 

full of venom isn't it sad 

this oscillation of reality 

a threat to human kindness

shouldn't you be against

the law?


Monday 24 August 2020


we showed our teeth to

monday morning we

would not give



Sunday 23 August 2020


a ghost in my apartment

knocked a pill out of my hand

which fell under the cabinet below the

sink. when i got down to fish it out

they grabbed my arm and happy



Saturday 22 August 2020


you cannot know them 

sealed inside an envelope they

will cut you like paper they

are shredded beyond repair

you wish you could reach them you

wish to have them for tea

locked inside a trauma they

will cut you by accident they

are secretive. precise with words

senseless must they be



u should c

 all the darkness 

when the light 



collector of spirits

she so direct she 

unabashed she so direct

no foreplay. you

overexposed and she 

over you and your

bullshit. touch your soles 

2 the floor get real. she will 

collect your spirits

and stretch them if 

you dare 2 let her 



Friday 21 August 2020


fires surround this city 

at the cross of two rivers

in this belly

lives a fire


crossing of 

artery and vein


Thursday 20 August 2020

defend us

the lashes defended our eyes

from snowy ashes

in 72 hours across california

over 10,000 lightning strikes

over 300 fires

we dropped orange 

dystopian tracks they 

could not defend

us from tears


Wednesday 19 August 2020

heart repairs

my friends they 

all died of broken


or traded them in

for junk

i took mine to 

the shop for 


not what it was

when i first fell

in love but it



Sunday 16 August 2020


the horn section bursting

set up a break against the


the reeds supple 

like fingers 

even the concrete got

to feeling. our feet 

left gooey indents in

the road

a new kinda hollywood 

where everyone's

a star


Saturday 15 August 2020


 one eleven scorching hot one

ten wasn't enough one 

eleven the power grid got crushed

the block goes dark

all the people complain 

luddite for a night so

what. wired so long

you can't remember your



Friday 14 August 2020

fuck all.14

i wanted change so bad

an end to the dying

an end to the killings

and denial

a magical awakening for those 

who are thoughtless. deluded. without


i once was the same

fuck all anyone could have done

to move me


11 hearts

today we gave 11 

hearts away

to the fighters


a fake smile for the 




oh forest sèche silent listening silent waiting
skyscraper pines in a circle ina line
give us your dead to keep us
under the axe waiting for rains
this coyote night


Thursday 13 August 2020


the bottom of a well i 

kept drinking. archival footage 

slowly sinking flash drive 


many moods 

 like sound 

i'm thinking 

take the drive for a

ride to the river. bait it ona hook

cast it out to the mouth

of a bass 


Wednesday 12 August 2020

hunting dog

walked out a ways i 

discovered a lonesome hunter

lapping water ina clearing in

the forest

warm ashes still left

from the campfire

long floppy ears you 

spoke to me out of hurt pushed

your paws forward down

into the earth

i awoke to your cry

who left you and



Tuesday 11 August 2020


among the pines

high above a clearing

ex the cell phone

ex the net. ex


we turn the tin pan

blue on a burner

blue the water 

boil we

to the birdsongs


french press and dress 

the dawn. just like those

who came before



headlights deep 

searching the forest

no more streetlights wind 

like a chorus

far away from

all this chaos is where i

wanna be



 found the belly 

of a lonely world i

found the heart inside

the belly of a cold

old world i

found the blood hot

rushing. all the girls were

gushing i 

found the beat it

was my 





done with it all

lean back. fall

change the station

every 1 deserve

a stay.k.tion


Tuesday 4 August 2020


fate rolled up on paradise. petroleum 
residuals sliding through tropical 
depressions on the backs of shellfish 
and marine life coming up for air

cracked hull and skulls
a wisp of watery smoke
in its wake


Monday 3 August 2020


know me
know me not. for i am
but a single floret you
cannot see when aerial
looking down on me
in this parade of
roses. love me love
me not



displays a fan of royal
flush. all the subjects



passage through incendiary heat
they screamed into atmosphere
deployed parachutes and swung into
a cool sea. no longer reflecting stars
they became one


street smarts before streets

i swept the floors then 
sat down to read
checked my phone 
got a glass of water 
did the dishes

body against land
land against water
the slightest change in pace
direction or 

they were out there

looking for the weak one
running desperate 
within a herd

survival depended on
having street
smarts before
and after