Wednesday 24 July 2024


i don't wear diamonds or flashy things. will shine off anyone who sparkles with kindness. and what about remorse? when you say the word very slowly it will give you its essence like being patient with a flower by the rising sun.


Monday 22 July 2024


 you cannot get some things back, no, they are gone forever ... yet you can bring the memory of belonging to life if you meditate on it ... let the deep imprint wash over you until it again becomes tangible and real  


Sunday 21 July 2024

broken phone liberation party

the phone crashed to the ground and broke

all the lost feelings
began to surface

there was a sudden freedom 
that followed the sudden despair

all the lost feelings
they began to 


Saturday 20 July 2024

muddling 1

when you muddle the facts
looking out your fearful lens
my animus comes with animosity
and wants to slap the sense
into you. but you are me and
it would be silly to slap myself so
I pull you close and we open
a book instead


Friday 19 July 2024

thought balloon #4

thought balloon forming
in and out of consciousness
glimmers opaque without feeling
any more 4 this world


Tuesday 16 July 2024

x twitter


Vitamin K


little good comes out of being rushed like words expedited to publication. twitter was what it was. an echo chamber run by a billionaire who long ago lost touch with a commoner. a first draft machine. and a social diversion with like minded heartfelts.


Monday 15 July 2024


it did not seem a dangerous word
when it left the throat
puckering the lips @ the R
in the prime of love

after the fall
she tried to move on and
he made it so


Sunday 14 July 2024

on a flagging memory day

no longer
could he recognize her
she held his hand
for a while and the felt
sense remembered
on a flagging memory day
this boon. touch
cementing their bond
against the dreadful


Saturday 13 July 2024


she looked up with pleading eyes
a lock on her voice
stop this nonsense. he said
atone is all she heard
the tears like Mumbai rains
washed away her fear
steel in a world of plastic
i was there. but I didn't do it
they are my friends!


Friday 12 July 2024


fogged up the glass
in the back

electrical short
wheels spinning
her pulse went


Thursday 11 July 2024


i could not kill it i could only deny it repress it numb it dissociate from it for to kill it would be the death of me. connate it caught my eye again like a stain i incorporate with oils into the oeuvre


Wednesday 10 July 2024


the quintessence
of the initial draft
a chaos of emotions
boiled down over a thousand
cups of blue bottle coffee
matched by morning


Sunday 7 July 2024

July 7 (#vss365)

you won't see us desperate for company or terrified of being alone with our thoughts. #introvert we can kick it with the ones we love and care about but if there's too many around for too long we may get a little tired and need to cash out.  #katyamills

Saturday 6 July 2024

July 6

i leaned on the wall

it's close to 100 degrees

breathless in the hall 

fell on my knees

i love that we 

gonna live here 


but how can we rest

on a couch 

standing up

facing west? 


Friday 5 July 2024

be.queath us

they bequeathed us
a cashless society
our paper
the faces of founders
could now be burned
within the law
to stay warm


Wednesday 3 July 2024

July 3

 worn from traveling we

encircled your kitchen table
where we used to say grace
some of us silent unable to
stop the tears
stirring our coffee with silver
embossed with your owls
may the gods embox
my heart. inhume it
so i can rise to this moment
and help you to rest