Monday 31 May 2021

all of this is hard

you gotta fight for what
you believe in

anything you don't fight 4
probably ain't worth much

anyway   #katyamills

Sunday 30 May 2021


walked a rocky path into a river they
got swept away
left a part of her behind in
the broken clay 
artifact of those games
we all play heartbreakers 
of the world unite and 
take over  


sounds like bees

like indy cars life 

engine buzzing 

flies by

checkered flags 

means your through

hopefully they made it

2 the finish line


the girlfriend 

the wreaths

cow milk

4 you



Friday 28 May 2021

years of not

summer approaches 

the road is hot

to love once again 

after years of 



Thursday 27 May 2021

so damn sugar

i fall super behind i

take a hundred breaths 

gotta be kind 

to my poor sodden 

mind. battle the ants 4 

sugar i won't say sorry 

for being damn



Wednesday 26 May 2021


taken by an idea you

went for mass production

fame and fortune @ a cost unforeseen 

your kids all grown up now

redline the concept car

spread the gull wings 

fly it offa cliff to break with 

the waves


Tuesday 25 May 2021

night and day

between night

and day there are 

infinite expressions 

of light. being nonbinary 

is equally intricate

and irrefutable 



when the sun hit the sky

the disturbance had washed out

they body and mind 

a formerly great splash

of paint. how peaceful life

again had become

when the sun genuflect

met and crossed the sea 


Monday 24 May 2021

alameda again

man with a pipe of tobacco paces 

in his own head. isis flops 

on her back undeterred by cars and sarah's 

slovak commands plays

dead    #katyamills

alt version...

old man nurses a pipe of tobacco
paces the sidewalk slow
black vest and chain he strikes a dead stop
composing the thoughts in his head
where anyone would love
to compose. isis flops on her back
undeterred by cars and sarahs slovak commands
tongue out plays dead

Sunday 23 May 2021

seattle revisited

walking wide awake eyes 
down the blue eyeliner jumping like a heartbeat
on the blonde valet 
the architecture lopes to the water's edge 
in this uphill town
time for café au lait
feels like rain again
the ships they head
to sea


Friday 21 May 2021

closer to nirvana

no makeup no facelift

the lead singer at the beggars 

banquet crashes into us all

disrupting our moral patagonia

sourced fiber how dare you?

i am closer to nirvana 

may as well be 1989 here 

in olympia nothings changed 


Thursday 20 May 2021


woven like maseratis 

in and out the lanes 

giving no fucks we 

under the avocado tree 

made love slept 



Wednesday 19 May 2021


the crows fight the wind for me 

and my burrito in this corazón of cloudy misty sea

far from our valley of perpetual 

sunshine where down moods 

cannot anchor

you asked for a kiss

and i gave


Tuesday 18 May 2021


tapioca gridlock ina paper straw 

deep in thought dog playing dead ina street

sometimes u gotta suck real hard 

to get free



like birds without songs
red arrows 
stitched in the


we are small
we are essential


the sea

above the sea

a lonely barn flanked with stables

where horses once hung

their heads


the sea cannot be 


you become a boy

place a flower in my hair 

she thunders she 

outlives us 



Monday 17 May 2021

Daly City

only the perseverating winds

keep these homes from tumbling 

into the sea. deaf and dumb we stare 

and listen. only your arms

keep me  #katyamills

Friday 14 May 2021


whenever they thought they was
struggling they felt back
to when they really

no money
no home no real
friends around

isolated by they world
the chaos in they

the hard water
softens when super


Thursday 13 May 2021

wheat and chaff

in opposition to the world

while we sleep 

like a philosopher devoted

2 make sense of it all

 our dreams they

separate the wheat 

from the chaff 


Wednesday 12 May 2021

cross current

news of the conception 

of your second child fights for celebration 

against the prevailing tide

the very day she died


mount shasta

like another world
we had been waiting for
you appeared

hiding behind clouds

closer and closer we


Monday 10 May 2021

be with

in a city
for the first time you
don't have to do nothing
but be with
walk around and explore
leave your damn phone
at home


olympia reverb

we got off the sleater-kinney avenue
exit my friend joking would you
sleep with a riot girl?

if i could sleep with a concept i probably would
does that sound desperate?

outside a veteran on an insult parade
badgered a dope fiend using a wheelchair
ready to kill rock stars



saturday night 

almost moms day

six pack of tacos to go 

on northgate we froze

cars collided


one stepped out behind 

an air bag

arm sliced 

i gave my shirt

4 a tourniquet

everyone thinking 

about moms how

we wouldn't even be here 

without them


Friday 7 May 2021


i wanna make
more memories
can only pick up
the ones we had

dearest Ofa

after breaking down
i get up. you would want me

be strong
do the good


Thursday 6 May 2021


all patches leather sound and
symbol - Redding, California -
an entire crew of Mongols blasted past us
in pairs lone wolf edging the breakdown
lane.  i got so excited i
don't know why?

 i guess them tēlecine ghosts
found a way to cross
over  #katyamills

Wednesday 5 May 2021

hotel 50

we stand together

midway through life

a social distance from the muddy

banks with tablets coloring

an endless supply of rain

the hotel carpet prints a map 

we refuse to follow 

on fumes of espresso

we live on endless supply 

of dreams


Tuesday 4 May 2021

what the whip poor will

1:11am. macrobid wages war 
in the gut. i wake startled
eyes bloodshot hair reaching up and back
a victoria crowned pigeon i 
audit yesterday. submit my findings 2
the memory bank and retire at dawn 
floating prayers off the balcony
to my dear colleague in 
the ICU


Monday 3 May 2021

come as you went

oh sky of monster clouds and glass

hillsides vert from rain. you produced the sound

we follow south to where it ends and

underneath the bridge oh sullen

aberdeen    #katyamills

@ the market

proprietors of fish
walk the stones in aprons
hagglin with grease pens rumblin
over flavor skin and locale. onlookers teeth
pull apart the connective tissue
unable to satisfy the hunger
they walk away
the amity of the vendors
not 100% lost to them


Saturday 1 May 2021

portland or

creatures of sacramento 

in this moody leaden town 

pining for words we were

sun salutations in line 

across from new orleans donuts 

swept off to pee before we could enter 

the incomparable city 

of books