Sunday 31 January 2021

the second

how unusual to give the attention 
undivided like an orange like 
a planet like the wheels that drive an engine 
in this our post-industrial society
specialization so refined the mouth 
has no relation to the belly


Saturday 30 January 2021

i deny i

like they do you could 

too live behind the lie 

deny. do you not feel cherished? 

do not live dishonorably

this is no way 

2 live  #katyamills

Friday 29 January 2021

upcycled blue #2

oh pomegranate 

swollen on the bush dangling

illogical participle

seeds afire like jelly like

wax they almost picked us off 

decisively you stood up

and out like embers like 

fireflies like rain in a spotlight 

modify you modify for days 

and days and



Thursday 28 January 2021

like colors we run

we dodged the skin of palms

morning after the storm we

never made it to work. like

strays in the park like 

colors like dreams 

they cannot hold us 

we run free     #katyamills

Wednesday 27 January 2021

all the ideas they 

had of you could not 

diminish you


Tuesday 26 January 2021

gracie the dragon

by the red house

in land park she lies 

made of metal made of tile 

glass and stones

the camelias they wave to her in the breeze 

as she parades at the speed of earths

rotation made of 



Monday 25 January 2021


i had luddite dreams

a crusade to end all screens 

life gives you

little highs and lows 

independent of a mouse 

and a click one pony

trick now power




Sunday 24 January 2021

back track

saw a man on a broke down 

bicycle asking about his stimulus check

everyone wanted to be his social

worker for a second until he said

he owed back pay on child



Saturday 23 January 2021

up from the downtrodden

the blood got up in a good way

to see Moscow pummeled with snowballs

citizens out for Navalny

coming home. will we always be fighting

for answers? the blood 

got up in a good way. up 

from the down



Friday 22 January 2021


the N95 particle parade 

inaugurated a post consumer reality

breaking news

the stuff was in the way   


Thursday 21 January 2021

the twenty twenties

our songs of lipstick lead

immunity boosters and covid dread

our voices unpacked with dry ice

banded together in supersites out from 

under masks like mittens made of tires

forklifted from some autoyard in

vermont   #katyamills

Wednesday 20 January 2021

dawn #534

dawn broke as i walked to see you

bounce in my step. neon signs spun the fog

into curls how unfortunate you

were not home. dashed my love

drifted. piecemeal. distributed among the forlorn

manic girls party boys and the mangy 

cur      #katyamills

Tuesday 19 January 2021

route #9

we cut class we cut
through woods to route 9
sliced the town
in two. we thumbed rides
when you pulled over we
ran off to devil's slide  
a wicked rock to split a senseless head 
you chased us like the cartoons
sabotaged by rockets shot
from coke bottles 


Monday 18 January 2021


when whole bodies

trembling and we look dead

in the eyes and the words hit the walls

i don't care

and the walls fall

you know and i know

how badly

we do


Sunday 17 January 2021


crushed beneath the base
work and faith became mindless
too. in the era of you 
know who


Saturday 16 January 2021

the lost and spellbound

he comes to you unafraid
dyslexic softly stabbing
wood all day with a

like a bird to feed
plants hanging around
awhile. dripping with smile
Childish. he dips into you
spellbound. a man he
gets his fill and



Friday 15 January 2021

world bipolar

time made history we

shred the wheat in the bowl

soak in milk and 

digest. they lie in the mud

sheltered by big red hats

and flags. injustice

never ends. world bipolar we hope we 

retreat then take the stage

more colorful than red

white and blue 


Thursday 14 January 2021

1995 self portrait

mistaken for a German boy
a belly full of phobia they 
didn't even know their own 

shy of six feet slapped 
incomplete wasted on whisky
lost in books and city streets

typing mad into the night full
with misgivings fists into bricks
black belt in broken


Wednesday 13 January 2021


what stitch of light we wore 

in the pitch heart of darkness

sewn with such care and concern

could not be subsumed

made of noon on the 

solstice day 


Tuesday 12 January 2021

year of luxury

americans sedated on chocolate and pills
a soft butt of foreign jokes 
life was luxury status 
year 2049. liquid liver soak stations 
phones mobilized to do the chores 
sedentary. racist. relegated to epilogue status 
tweets regurgitated 
4 swallows


Monday 11 January 2021


i met a space man with a chemist

for a friend. my truck broke down

again. an epic perfectionist i 

made friends on craigslist i could not stand to be the one

you got to know. i was changing 

you left me i howled

when you were gone


Sunday 10 January 2021


he had her in his sights

up on the truss of the tower

bridge she wore the golden

threads the sun could not

contend under a spotless sky

off the paint the winter

morning birds watching he 

posed and shot her


Saturday 9 January 2021


the head told you 

you were crazy the heart 

called it out on a lie born 

to live not born to die


Friday 8 January 2021


the heart finally spoke out like cinema
ina condemned theatre
tape rolling through a bell howell
projector dug from an archive. the heart
finally spoke out
the light cast upon the wall
bringing the past to life for
the heart never dies


Thursday 7 January 2021

the atomically compromised

thought you controlled the world your
media constructed myth 
up downloading torrents of permanent denial 
retweeting your favorite tweets glued to the young 
the restless dreaming of another piece of ass wading 
thru your broccoli florets stuck on stupid atomically
compromised goodbye  


Wednesday 6 January 2021

in America

nobody thinks alike nobody 

feels the same all 

the time. this is diversity

not subversion

we have shared history 

not carbon copy

if you wanna force someone

to think like you

this country is not 

your home


Tuesday 5 January 2021

unified by division

topping charts to Siberia
they cast across Europe the States
legs down south by jeep by boat by
on foot on mood stabilizers on
chromebooks over streams and bit torrents
with under age girls
like some strange new religion unified
by division


Monday 4 January 2021

the blinking ghosts

we float above stones 
ready to be polished
in then out of view
now we are colorful neither shiny 
absent not faded
not simply a statistic
dreaming to be someone we are
more realistic


Sunday 3 January 2021

city kids

an inside job turned out
a city kid gripped 
with doubt. the infinite details
the mind runs through
some barren fields
smokers heavy in their chains
anti-drug campaigns
DONT WALK        -      run!
she took your hand
in the street you 
knew you were 


Saturday 2 January 2021

daybreak again

some spirit set off the motion 
sensitive lights triggered a memory 
the world had forgotten and you 
never would. they wanted you tough
growing up. had you up early
dressed and out before daybreak 
missteps and tears rarely forgiven 
they had been beaten 
out of them before


Friday 1 January 2021

twenty thirteen

when fentanyl hit the spleen
overdose became mainstream you lost 
friends and legends and the sun still rises
the light wakes you under 
your angel hair cabbage you formulate 
a mission you play with memory you
love and live on

and on
and on
and on