Wednesday 30 November 2022

goblin mode

i changed gears until the chain fell off
in a land without bicycle lanes
roads without shoulders
a tire got punctured
some junkies came by hawkin stolen goods
i traded the bike for a cell phone
called for a Lyft
missing the hell out of the wheel


Tuesday 29 November 2022

Ukrainian joke

an explosion 
not far from Moscow
credit the Russians
smoking cigarettes 


Monday 28 November 2022


she rustled around for small bills 
and change

poured the dregs of french roast down her throat

dressed in many layers she

limped to the store by her cane

not caring how she came off

her mouth would get her out 

of any trouble it got her in


Sunday 27 November 2022


 the boy leaped

on to the swing laughing
over and over like a frog on the move
hair tied up tight to the top
of the head
after the chocolate




the stillness

cut by the boom of a thousand

covered pages closing 

on a fantasy 



dodge hemi pickup

rumbling and ready to roll

away from here

please say thank you

he told her. she was four times his age

thank you she hummed thank you 

thank you

the coke from the cooler

steady burning her 



Saturday 26 November 2022

death of a koi

all the work was done and now 

she could rest

grabbed a pack and a beer 

sat down by the koi pond

counted the fish

heart stopped. it did not add up

a raccoon took out a beloved one of 

fifty some years and older than her

she cursed at the gods

and the gods they



Wednesday 23 November 2022


there was no need for it there was no room for it there was no love for it. and yet they sought it out and pursued it with all their might. they walked out into the sunlight one day and stared at the shadows. an unevenness of exposure to light could make or break the composition. a keen and critical eye would detect it differently than another eye. a satiated eye. why couldn't the earth straighten up on its axis? the old urges had long been defeated. they had stopped making themselves up for nobody to see. everything was off from how they envisioned it. nothing would ever be exactly so. and for the first time ever they felt themselves small and insignificant. they relaxed around this knowing. there was a rustle and a hesitant movement into unknown territory. letting things be what they were and liking them.   #katyamills

neck of a swan

they thanked the divinity for the right to have it
they got all the feelings out. gave the scraps to the cats and dog
life was the neck of a swan
they went for a long walk to who knows where
the great beyond out there


11 stay

stay with this
salt it dress it season it
if you like
or leave it bare and taste it

stay with yourself
your breath and
your life

all the horrors and


Monday 21 November 2022


unable to wash the technology
out of the system 
they left it all behind
acculturating to life 
in old growth forests
owls and creatures
mysterious textures and sounds
aspects of light that did not


nd kind

we found our heart and our fight 

where they condemned us 


Friday 18 November 2022


i give thanks

seeing you get well

we never thought

you would 

i confess i too 

thought you 

a lost cause


swing 17

troubling to be
in the depths of a mood swing
narrow passage upon 
an ocean of feelings 
you drop to the bottom of a swell 
hoping to 



let us go out tonight
and drop our guards
may nothing terrible

i wanna be there
with you for you
i wanna be there

solid as a penny
flipping through 
the air

out of this tired place
of comfort and routine
let us go out tonight
be with the pigeons
and shine


burn the wheels

catastrophic thoughts

churn through my head i

grab the nearest

bicycle and burn the wheels

off the spokes


Wednesday 16 November 2022


senses dulled by time 
and heartache

they could no longer see no longer 
hear no longer grasp nor respond
to touch

they withdrew each morning
from an endless store of emotion

across the passing day they
gave it all away 
unblind in the knowing 
how to love 


Sunday 13 November 2022

live like

do not 

live like me 

for i

cannot i

will not

i would not

live like 




upon the lips 
when i came to

untold hours
unconscious i
stayed up all night without
any draw toward sleep

i mistook the sun
for death and the
moon for the sun

my face
pale as unpainted walls

i wanted something 
i know not what i know not
how to behave

i know not



like the greatest adversary

i once fought it. many are the ways to silence


today it lives

among the things

i cherish most


Thursday 10 November 2022


do not be upset

for long dear 


stay sturdy in 

your truth


november love

one bloody second

in love 

paled the bluest




with mass

in c minor

we would never be the same

touched by




past present

the diagnosis invoked tears
told they was stupid and slow
all these years
it atomized any need to apologize
being sorry was better than being attacked
the past still present
in they mind


Sunday 6 November 2022


leavin legacy 


i drift the solar 


young model 


for space

shot through 

the heart

by stars


opioid 11


we all get beat by time

cannot keep the body out of trouble

in the hardest of times we ask 

can i have one pain

killer please?

no!  - they rebuke us

licenses on the line

in the shadow of an opioid 



Friday 4 November 2022


a goldfish bowl

full of puppies sewn

with flags upon the floppy 

fabric ears was passed 


the missile 

flown up into the sky

on government tv

the classroom in rapt attention 

the austere faces of approval 

a trail of smoke


a few boys ran 

behind the brick schoolhouse

and beat each other 



Thursday 3 November 2022


when the repo came

to repossess

the sorry souls 

middle of making 

dissonant morning




Wednesday 2 November 2022

sugar skulls

inside our sugar skulls

the thoughts hold the key

we mill them with cider

from apples in the tree



walking the thoroughfares alone 

on coupled nights catching the train

in time on timeless mornings

they tried not to jump to conclusions

by the time they got where they

did not always realize they were going 

they had had many revelations