Thursday 23 July 2015

Journal # fantastic waste of time

I believe we have the innate capacity to identify with one another, even over fantastic distances, I believe in you just as I believe in myself in that wherever you hang your lantern, you may shed light upon for us all! and nothing need be a fantastic waste of time, no, for what anyone designates a waste of time may be so for them, not me or you; and furthermore I say it is decidedly unreasonable for anyone to impose upon anyone else the proper usage of time, for to do so is not fair employment, and would be more aptly named 'slavery' unless they are paying you for your time.

 Ninety-nine of a hundred people would argue that my sitting here in the middle of the night, writing, is a waste of time, and I may be the only one who disagrees, vehemently! But you see this is all it ever takes, and this is one of the secrets to life, most of which are hidden in plain view. If you are to be anything you wanna be or become, go hang your lantern where you must, even in the darkest worlds no one else has cared to uncover, and keep your faith about you: be the fantastic waste of time everyone says you are! and be it defiantly! be it aggressively! be it nonsensically! rebelliously! be it whole-heartedly! be it consistently! and definitively!

Yes, be it from the first cup of coffee at the beginning of your day, to the bitter end. Be it on the ups, and be it on the downs. Be it before and after anyone's party. Be it in a the crowded square, and all alone in your own home. And never believe them, shut your ears and do not listen for they know not what they say.

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