Wednesday 15 July 2015

Journal #07.15.15

Yesterday I had a consciousness - ZAP!

I restructured an additional 10,000 words into MAZE (Book Two). So now the first 20,000 words are positioned pretty well to tell the story. I'm gonna need to retool it all very carefully, but these past two weeks have been fantastic thanks to my lame situation: I cannot type too well because - as some of you know - I had surgery on my finger. Which shifted my focus from freewrite to structuring - exactly what needed to happen!

I removed the bandage and rewrapped it neatly and thinner. I saw the incision, it was a lot longer across than I thought, about two inches, wow, I guess my hand modeling days are finished. I am thinking about good stories I might tell, how it happened...

One of my miniature tigers was playing and slashed me.
I was in such a zone I was typing furiously and the keys melted below me and my finger split open.
I had to have surgery so they could fine tune the microchip that controls me.

I got sliced by a butterfly wing.
- KatYa

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