Saturday 18 July 2015

mercurial. random. streaming from me to you

try and remember when you're feeling down, no one is getting out of here alive, and sure this may sound on the surface like a downer, but if you embrace it for a few solid moments you might see what i see,  an open invitation to live more freely, responsibly, yes, but without the snafu of collective cultural expectations of you, because nobody can touch you in the distance, and yes, we will all be forgotten someday, we will together collectively be forgotten holding hands outside of temporal confines, and the extensions of us, the children, the works of art we left behind, the spirits chasing sand dunes and leaving a hundred thousand feathers hanging in the air, black and white catching the light any time of the day and long into the night with the candles arranged just right and the memories that tried to stay conscious and the flannels that haunt central station, the scarecrows leaving straw for homeless kids to lay their heads on, the final cuts you tour behind and the cannabis in the air, the charismatic leaders and the denim on a tear, yes, remember, when you're feeling down, you know you can be loved just by loving yourself, first, and out on the scene with your paper trail bursts, killin' open mics with an subterranean method, dropping hearts to minds in your curious unique pattern, mercurial the way you are and you know that's why we love you, not hiding or disguising the honest way you feel, speaking truth to power with a power chord on fire, unplugging for some silence, for a moment off the grid where you get to hug your kid, the quiet tracks of snow have got you feeling all aglow, and you know, like i know, nothing beats this moment, i don't care what the hell they do with it, nothing beats this moment, even if we blew it, nothing could compare and no, nothing ever will, so get yourself together and meet me in Berlin, Portland, Chicago, Amsterdam, Seattle, Sacramento, Olympia, meet me cause what we have here, no one will ever see again

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