Sunday 5 July 2015

life of an indie author

Here's the kinda feedback from you, my dear readers, that really makes the life of an indie author so worth living! 

"Hi just wanted to write a quick message to thank you for your amazing book “Daughter of Darkness: Grand Theft Life.”  Last week I had to travel to London on the train. Stuffed down the side of my seat I found your book. Now as I was the only one in the carriage I assumed someone had got off the train left it behind. I had some work to do as it is a 3 hour journey from where I live but I did not do any work as I started reading your book! I have read it twice now and I just wanted to let you know how brilliant it is. I absolutely loved it. Now as I did not buy the book and to show my appreciation I have donated £20 (around $30) again thank you for writing this excellent novel I look forward to the next instalment." Best regards  -Andrew

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