Tuesday 14 July 2015

Journal # 07.14.15

Maybe I have been digital multitasking for long enough, a few years now almost uninterrupted, and I am not sure it is advantageous to let this go on, there is something calling me from afar, maybe some romance I have for the endurance of thought over time. I guess I have a crush on the idea and sensationalize the image of myself leaning over my desk for days with a fire in my eyes, starving because I forgot to eat, burning ink into the page, turning dreams into silver dust and stars. Of course it's a lot more painstaking usually and not like that at all... but I think I want it back, I long for the extended cuts of uninterrupted working on long form, I tasted it through back to back Novembers (2013 and 2014) and the experience really caught my eye, really turned me on to something I had long ago before my life took its own direction and pulled me away from the writing life. In this crazy world I have finally found the simplicity - after so much trial and error - of lifestyle, I was longing for. Yet I have complicated my simplicity by DIGITAL MULTITASKING, and the link there points out statistics proving more and more detrimental. They say the amount of time it takes for the mind to regain momentum of devoted attention, when pulled away by emails, texts, twitter, social media, is 15+ minutes! Wow. So I look at my own experience and it seems to match. I will be writing, and then get pulled away, and true, it does seem to take quite a while to get back to whatever momentum I had gathered. So anyway, consider it a curiosity. Experiment. I have the private setting and the foundation of former days of undivided attention from which I can shape something magical and then give it to the world inside an open hand cupping an amethyst-dusted eggshell.

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