Thursday 9 July 2015


No one can decodify your heart, but you. Not only have you great promise to communicate what otherwise remains unsaid, you are the only one who could give us what otherwise will be lost. Lost to us and remain in you. There is no one else can present and represent this, only you can unearth the thing we see behind your eyes when you speak to us, calm in your center, of your embattled soul. Only you. If I were you, I would capture an hour a day if you can, perhaps before normally waking, perhaps after you put your children to bed, perhaps when you toss and turn in the middle of the night you can throw your body into the chair behind the desk and unravel that enormity keeps your insomnia alive. Believe me, the beginning of which is a mess of creation. Think scattered lava thrown all around, a horrible abscess cut into and scream! What comes of this, comes natural, you, tumbling your spirit out onto the canvas, the page, the ambled screen, the paper, in ink, in oil, in variant font drippings... you can sort it out later, rest assured, but please for the living and the dying, decodify your heart and find you in the world.   - KatYa

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