Saturday 11 July 2015

Journal # 07.11 - the writing life

I may some day write a longer work, one greater than say, a couple hundred pages, but for now I am content practicing the art of novella. I am devoted to these puppies, shy of a hundred pages. The difficulty I create for myself - with the market - is that fantasy genre works are typically 3-4 times the size! So these monsters are overshadowing my lil kittens. No matter, though, because I follow my intuition which is very clear right now like bluish spring water captured at the source. Almost surprisingly clear, like 'perfection' became part of my vocabulary again. As the series will progress (and you can count on that!) I believe I will become more prolific, for I am getting deeply involved with my characters and I am already intimately connected (via past experience) with the setting (Oakland, California). And I fell in love with the process, particularly the finishing flourish I experienced - in fifth gear killing it! - back in February in Palm Springs when I published Book One. The 2 polliwogs I am releasing this year -Grand Theft Life - and - Maze - I believe will blossom into 3 more flowers in 2016. If I can reach and sustain the pace of 3 yearlings a year, clocking in at 25,000 words each (about 75 pages) - one book continuing where the previous left off - I will be a Buddha zen hen laying speckled eggs!

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