Saturday 30 May 2015

your words. my words. our words

So far away we wrote
to one another
you and me so far away

rolling vowels like thunder
off our foamy bows
we crest the whipping seas
of language

we give a try
giving consonants
their wheels in turn
which cast the vowels
in form

i dip my spoon
into the jello mold
amazed how it
slices and cuts so

be careful!
i tell myself
be loving with words!
but most important of all
be honest!

from what was once
water and once solid grains
of language? each letter
sliding down
the sensual sides. the

some dashed into the
mull! some lost forever lapping
cross the shores

some protected
held to heart. under cross or buried
by the breast. tucked into

i must
turn myself inside
out to write another
page with you in mind
because my life is best when

and the poem
you gave me held up
to my lips. life! on a cold
pewter curve

become liquid
again as i close my eyes
and beat my heart!

we made us great
by the by...

words become
my words

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