Saturday 23 May 2015

Journal # 05.23.15 (subtectonic plates)

 I fall into deep holes, sometimes several times a day. Climbing back to earth got old. Now I go tunneling and meet all the unheard of species down there below the deep water strata where we tap our wells. I can tell the ones I meet about the sun and the moon but I don't wanna scare them so I keep all the truth of what goes on up there just above the topsoil to myself. Some of them have nightmares; deep memories only sleep can reach. Down there they breathe like trees, speak like God and darkness is their light. Gravity gets turned around, no one is looking for direction. They take me for all what I am. We can go together, if you choose to go. Just when you fall into a hole, this time do not climb out so quickly like you have to. Change the script. It's nice to be treated whole with loving eyes you cannot see. The wealth is in the silence, subtectonic plates. I even met some of those who lived on earth thousands of years ago. They are still alive.

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