Friday 22 May 2015

clearing # 05.22

author post cycling
Today was like cool table edges in a cafe and many words sprouted out my head and fell to the faux marble table top and some got trapped in the keyboard of my laptop. i had my iced latte which the girl at the counter who wore the old school cap ordered up for me. i think she likes me. not just because she remembered my name. anyway, i pressed the keys with the letters i needed to describe what i was feeling about my protagonist's boyfriend experience, yes, i put on my best Tender Is The Night routine and pressed the backlit keys into their soft bellies, the words, the ones had sprouted and fallen into the keyboard and were now lying beneath all the vowels, in the bowels, and tickled they began to make curious sounds which the people around me thought were coming from my mouth but my mouth was closed and my vision deep in the scenario in my book and you see, there was a whole world going on the people around me knew nothing of. and i knew nothing of the world going on in them, either. we endured one another's words, in and out and under the keyboards and tables and chairs, splashing about the foam in our drinks, in flight or floating around our heads. i left the space almost one thousand words later. i had pied pipered them all into my google document. the girl at the counter shouted goodbye Kat! the sun was coming out of the clouds and we were clearing.

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