Thursday 21 May 2015

Big Fish Little Fish

The little fish was not eating much
maybe a half a sea cucumber a day
the big fish was eating most of his friends all the time
the big bad fish ran out of little fish

there was plenty of sea cucumber around

the big fish got tired and drifted slowly about
on a heavy stomach of little fish friends
he could not catch the last of the little fish

the little fish was quick and light
and darted behind the coral
the big fish could not even close
his big mouth

the little fish stopped on a fin

the big fish saw his color go by but that was all
a silvery flash of translucent orange

the big fish coughed up air bubbles
the little fish missed his friends
he saw the big fish needed help and food
if he were to survive
his own appetite

the little fish could not laugh
but would have, watching
him die

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