Tuesday 12 May 2015


State Capitol, California
Yellow dust was everywhere. you could find it in the unlikeliest of places. mixed with the oil threaded into the ball bearings. lining the cell walls inside your kidneys. speckling the setting white sun at the base of a nail bed. it was as though a star had exploded and now we all wore it on us. glitter was second to something finally, for the models all lined their eyelids with pollen. the loratadine that was dissolved into their sparkling water took care of any potential unfashionable reactions, in most cases. the photographs of course, came out spotted in development, even the most obsessive compulsive photographer could not capture every grain. pollinated-selfies thus turned a corner and trended on twitter, and were particularly cherished if the subject could deliver the exalted clearing of sinuses, instantaneously, on camera.

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