Tuesday 21 April 2015

predated murderous material mayhem (a poem)

Who can release such metals?
out upon us all?

some time and space bomb
predated to settle with
unsettling precision

we see them to the door
split you the good lord
hit you

you had a chance you chose to clothe
your body in a militant strapped stance
a chance

got violent it was condoned
saw yourself going to be cloned
not sure where you're going
but it's not alone

out in the desert heat
white as a sheet
under the sun
all but the flag

we cannot forgive you
your violent nature
we used you for
tax dollars well

must you forgive
yourself you let
your blood run cold you
find your way
you will
or you won't
it's up to you

what says the door
kissing off an ammo

out into the fire
ashes in your wake
breathing but not awake

murderous material mayhem
polished out your hate

crazed mother
scared so scared
so far from getting straight

our tears come of your hate
your tears come of our hate
what you gonna say?

cause you're down

caught the

by the

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