Saturday 11 April 2015

Journal # 04.11.15

When i lay me down to sleep last night,
i forgave the world
otherwise insomnia, and flashes of the past
the friendships that went down in flames,
and new ones might not last

What the restless feeling?
watch it wick away
i lit a tea candle into a box of amber glass
with faces on four sides.

Another one had died last year
another man i knew.
i was a year behind in knowing
and now that makes two.

you see i left my past in oakland or so i really tried.

absconded the norepinephrine
left me to die

rolled my life in flour with tilapia,
pan-fried with lemon butter
send me down
the Nile

a truck on a street
no friends and no life
willing to go

you can go to hell if you want
thinking you know all the answers
visualizing a dead end

or stay and discover
live through the pain
do it for someone other than yourself

making most of your time
diving into your passion
immersion in words

that's freedom

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