Tuesday 7 April 2015

Journal # 04.07.15

I was busy landscaping indoors when some giant teak speakers began to hum. They were so large I could not see them. I was not at home. The humming soon inspired me. I decided to gut one of the speakers, so all was left was a large and very handsome teak box. I affixed the proper postage and an address overseas, then pulled the side off the other speaker for a cover, in reverse chronological order. I lifted the box on to my back and dragged it outside to where the mailbox was situated. I brought a blanket, pillow, gallon of water, and some breadcrusts from the pantry. I left a reasonable amount of cash for all the items, and a note on the coffee table.

Stingray'15 by KatYa
 'For one handsome teak box, borrowed for necessary and genuine purposes.'

I seated myself in the center of the box, on the pillow. I wrapped myself in the blanket. The food and water beside me. I leaned as far forward as I could reach over my legs, and situated the cover over the box, then used my staple gun to fasten it from the inside. Then waited. Some time in the future, in the dark with some light to hold on to at the edges, they shipped me to a distant land. And this is how my journey began.

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