Wednesday 29 April 2015

Journal # 04.29.15

You were the one who was there for me, when I needed you. You were the one who found me by the door, with my back against the wall, spent and scared. Someone had tried to grab me off my bike that night. You came down and said my name with urgency, seeing the state I was in. You pulled me up and dusted me off. You looked into my eyes. I had a really large backpack with half my life in it, and you took it off my shoulders and carried it up two flight of stairs. I was hanging behind you, guided by your voice. You cared for me. You let me cry into your arms. You held me. You kept saying it's going to be okay, Katya, it's going to be. 

And it was not okay.  
No, not at all.
And then
it was  

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