Tuesday 14 April 2015

Sylvia Plath made a bath (a poem)

'Sylvia Plath made a bath'
by KatYa

yes i told a lie
when you wanted one
i told the truth
to no one
who was not

no i do not know
are you ready
for it

oh sure it could be

yes yes
the judgment

just slow down
oh you thought
i meant speed

oh i forgive you
now disappear
(not forever)

time to breathe
time to formulate the
many ways i
miss you

they call me a dreamer
it is my reality
the nightmare of my

so i learned to dissolve the
ring around my heart
with heavy chemicals

sylvia plath
made a bath

once the tub
is clean the ring is
emerald green

just like the hills
at height of

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