Friday 23 January 2015

you could be your own nightmare part - ii


There's still time to cop a feel off this felt sense priority. Better knock your socks off and touch down upon the concrete. Circulate energy through your feet. Watch the pavement crack, to the earth's elation. 

Feel the heartbeat. Flourishing.

Her people she had to attend. The gods and goddess would show in their own time. The wine would flow, Dionysian ambrosia. The nectar was reserved for all minorities of culture.

Culture wars her rush, psychology her fix. 
Anything organic went right into the mix. 

The masses needed only a pair of decent reading glasses. The sun would run the blender, and blend it all together. A purer form of condensation than any melting pot could render. The wind would drive the word, across the thousand tongues. Anyone who tried to protest, got an iron lung.

Prayers for rain.

Empowerment via numbers was mathematically guaranteed. Those who had sunken into stupor, very quickly they were freed. Premonition kept her sane. She meditated on the past, and then to the becoming.... not knowing did not worry her. The rain would keep on drumming.

Trudging through to sunrise, beyond the cloudy days.
Uplifted all her people, kissed by new sun rays.
See the children? They are dancing on the shoulder!
The darkness, now behind them, had only brought them closer.

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