Sunday 11 January 2015

for once

for once
i was there!
in the middle
of my life

see before
i was brewed
i was pressed
after roasting

dirty rice
nothing nice
tousled hair
tousled life

i did not care
then. cause to care
would have flung me

to death
by feelings

along the tattered road
of life i trudged alone
banking on fast food
and handouts

being in the mud is
not the end my

the earth has
risen to ice cream creations
pounded out amorphous on the block

all the children's
glittering eyes
upon us now!

there may be

what was solid
frozen in fear?
finds its way sometimes
up to the air!

no need to fly
just sit on the tarmac
the blue carpet of sky
and cry

give up
like clouds
perceptibly slow

then begin to sparkle with
 all the other
shiny things
been disposed

mashed and rounded out
in the pavement

a city
turned to glistening

all of us!
of the sun

i just wanna
get by i once
 said and
now i am here
at the center
of my life

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