Wednesday 7 January 2015

how to fall in love

go for a walk
any day any time and let yourself
into a used

smell the stale and fresh pulp
of so many

smile at the book

discover the underlying
organization and find your place
in it

stand tall
loitering is encouraged

take one finger up
with your eyes
and across the broken
         of wellworn
dated issue.

then when you find
the loving one

tap the top of her binding
and pull her out on her

let her fall into
your hand

carry her weight in your
mind over her looks and hold her
lightly now

you are not the first
to know her

and you may not
the last

study her face, check out her

if she's suffered the hundred
creases, well... then you know they
fight wars in her name

 stop. close the eyes
and breathe

then take another look
 uncover her
discover her
open your heart to her

let her font be fashionable
easy on
the eyes

if you are still
 into her

begin to get to know her
one word at a
time to answer questions in
the mind

and you will know
by sound of sudden footfalls
behind and around

by disorientation
of time. by shifting of shadow
through light

by resurgence of voices
she drowned

upset by
someone dares
speak to you

you will know
by the adrenaline that surges
through you with the pulp freshly
hewn across the ages

by the way she has found
you and reached you now
you hold her unable to let anyone else
in the fuckin' place have

charmed straight
to page one cause it would be
a sin to read anymore

careless of the

you're in love

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