Tuesday 13 January 2015

deja vu afterlife

© KatYa

A strange creature this life been
given to this strange creature
is me

i go to my work and don't ask me why i
walk the dubstep until i feel high

then go to my sleep after saying
i love you. after prayers and the fightin'
and arguin' are through

then my belly rumbles and calls
me away. then i go out to play
it's a dream

then i am hurt then
awaken. a

some emotional wave comes over and
leaves me on a sandbar
resigned. looking back trying to remember the

how strange to become so
independent. the freedom is almost

how strange the day come
to be no longer seen and no
longer heard

and then to be part of
a deja vu after life. after

strange nights follow
strange days and all i wanna wear is black
in the day white in the night and let my fears go die
of the fright

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