Monday 2 February 2015

dawn of a smile

She had this expression
I will never forget

A smile is not
the dawn of pleasure
when you smile
through pain

be the birth of true love

do you remember
the adrenaline rush
of a one night

do you remember
how he got dressed
and left without looking you
in the eye without

defeated in

rocking chair
dishevelled hair
nobody care

the lonely day

humming the bars
of secession from

you wash your
warm cottons

get faded

search for a friend
to come and listen
and love you a little
braid your hair

an upper
level flat
got raided

when no one was home

hard lives made harder
spare moments

collective belief systems
ran through us like
a syndicate
sunrise palm springs

punishing us

she had this expression
i will never forget
cause it saved

the smile through pain
when i told her
my troubles

i saw my pain
in her eyes!
in her face!
on her lips!

through her braids
in my hair

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