Saturday 9 August 2014


i'm gonna see ya
super moon
through a reflection
in the dish
ran away with
the spoon

i'm gonna tell ya
super moon
all my troubles

then as you look out
upon the full earth

giving us
all your light
super sweet moon

i'm gonna grab that dish
ran away
with the spoon

i'm gonna hold her
in both hands

i'm gonna walk
from my home
out into undiscovered

i'm gonna face you
out in the open
under some awestruck

i'm gonna look up direct
my camera eyes
gonna aperture wide
to receive your blessed offering
super moon

and the dish
become a symbol
vibrates like a cymbal
i hold her high
to the sky

rising up
on my toes
my shoes sunk now
into earth
all my cares
left behind

my arms stretch up
until pulled
magnetically now

the symbol (was a dish)
glowing now

im shaking
salty drops
burgeoning up
from my skin

pale in the night
my fingers wrapped tight
around archetypal confluence

our unitive
alchemical unraveling

then all of your super
full loving free lightness
of being

drops like sundrops!
upon all our oceans!
our forests!
our seas!
our trees!

to the delight of
an awestruck sky
oh my!

oh my
i am high
floating above ground
rising to the sound
of the symbol
full of light

and then
without warning
i become more than me

i become
of the skies!
of the seas!
of the trees!

my eyes
become saucerful

moon sediment
covers my sense
of sight

no longer needed

all that you gave me
now all that i

of future lives past
and presence so still

i dream of a valley
i dream of free will
i live in a dream
super moon she

i find love for all people
i once hated

i am left
a symbol
a conduit
a codified prayer

you made of me
super moon some
channeling mystic

i am elated
i am cryptic

© Katya Mills

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