Wednesday 6 August 2014

collar bone

the sunflowers were giant. magnificent to see!
the small ones were

the feed was real-time
the days were long
the days were the same
length. we consumed them

you were a deity 
you were mine
i was a deity
with you
in my heart

as the sun made 
sunflowers grow and grow
your expanse in my heart 
amplified me so

the people did not understand 
our experience. Newport Jazz festival.

a pond
full of fish. giant goldfish.
flickering silver fish. they were webcams
big eyes that did not

we see with our whiskers
we are cats and catfish and mice.
not everything happens in this world is

black at the bottom
green on the sides
color of your heart
where my heart resides.

a tricky business
coupling hearts. the layers 
must all be in synch for a system or else
gets rejected and the donation

blood transfusions

your fingers slide under my straps
swim up to rest on the roundish
rocks atop my shoulders...

collar bone 

you stared
i smiled. the breath came out of me

my legs wrap you up. 
 my arms around your neck. fingers clasped.
my nails are painted the color of your

pond water green 
with black pupils floating 

you volunteered to remove
me to a quiet dark
dry place of soft linens and
sculpted cherry wood. sleigh bed.

i chose to go

i was transparent for a day.
just like you. deities.
at play

you grabbed me and kissed me
your fingerprint upon me

now you could hurt me. inside. 
and you did. to avoid the pain later
i would go tangential. switching channels
to how you tasted like fresh
organic legumes. maybe peas.

this is how you love someone
i learned. an easy lesson
if not a nice

the harder lesson
was realizing love never
changes in the flux of an ever
changing world

devotion subsides
anhedonia sets in
the webcams capture all
and nothing. feeding the feeds
growing like weeds

my life
in the garden. hiding from you
pouting for the sunflowers. the giant ones

remembering the days 
we were deities
tangential glancing 
off the hurt
off the hurt

a safe place
i can perch on the roundish rocks
above my shoulders
below the sunflowers. giants.

heavy heads looking down
seeing me
in this sunless garden
beside a vapid weary pond. big eyes
cannot see

my eyes closed
glancing off the hurt
feeling your touch

collar bone

no one knew about
the webcams, then.
not even i

that's why
it was real

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