Saturday 31 October 2015

Passages 2:3

"I hung some fabric I found over the doorway to create some privacy (having put the door aside), found a blanket which was clean and lay it over the mattress, then lifted her up under her arms so that her weight was evenly over my shoulder and staggered over to the mattress where I fell to my knees to lay her gently upon it. She was saying something softly, I know not what. She must be cold, I thought, so I took a wool coat I found in the piles and draped it over her. She turned sideways and rested her head on her hands. I lay down beside her and fell quickly to sleep."

Excerpt from Maze
Book 2, Chapter 3

NOTE: In this scene, Ame, the protagonist, has just met Kell in a former home of catholic charity. Kell is living there in squalor. Ame and Kell are connected by blood. When she finds her sister there, she comforts her.

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